Thursday, April 13, 2006

Dear god, do I feel OLD now!

I just discovered FACEBOOK. Me, of past Friendster addiction, just discovered FACEBOOK!

Why didn't we have this shit when I was in college???

All of my student callers are on there. I have been perusing it for the past hour, reading their profiles. Turns out, they are NOT as big of geeks as I thought. (Dude, we're talking about one of top engineering schools in the US here...pocket protectors galore!) These kids actually drink and party and have witty things to say!

Facebook is cool, man. Yet, I almost feel too geezerly to spiff up my own profile (I had to make one to join). But if I was a youngin again I would be ALL OVER IT. Hmmm, on second thought, I am still a youngin. Facebook....giddyup!

But do I really want my students to know all about my affinity for curse words, jaeger bombs, and bong hits? I think not. Maybe I could make up a "fake" profile, just to fuck with, that would be fun! ;-)


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