Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Today is the third day of being Celexa-free. I do believe I am experiencing some side effects! ICKYWONKAS!

Yet, they are NOTHING compared to the withdrawal symptoms I had going off Paxil. Paxil = effing evil shit!! I know, I know, didn't I learn anything the first time????

I am feeling kind of spacey and wonky. A little dizzy, slightly out-of-body. I have pains in my head. I feel sort of anxious, but I think it's because I am scared of feeling as shitty as I did going off Paxil.

I've been googling "Celexa withdrawal" and have been getting tons of scary info. Ugghhh...it is so unfair. The Celexa was very helpful for me at the time, and now I feel betrayed!

I will be OK. I know how to be happy. I eat right. I exercise. I do yoga. I am in cognitive behavioral therapy. It's gonna be alllllllrighhhhht (baby).

**UPDATE: 2:30 pm.....wow, I am all of the sudden feeling EXCELLENT. Maybe I was just hungry. I am drinking tons of H2O to flush, flush, flush....I want to be normal, no drugs (except those of the grow-from-the-ground recreational make-me-laugh variety). I want to be FRREEEEEE, happy and frrreeeee and not crazeeeeeeee! I also hope I drop the weight I gained while on it--that will make all of this withdrawal shiz worth it!!


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