Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Two new tunes.

There are two things I swore I would never like, but I've since changed my tune...

1) Remember this post? Ahem. Well, I bought some. I did! Green ones. They are super comfy and great for yard work. Kev has a pair of plastic Birkenstock clogs and I've always eyed them enviously for the ease of slipping them on to do....well, whatever. I bought them with my/our REI dividend check so technically I didn't shell out $30 for them....anyway--if you see me wearing them out to dinner with a cute summery skirt and a spiffy tank top, shoot me, please. These are only meant to be HOUSE SHOES ;-)

2) This kind of cheese. I used to despise the stuff, but now? UMMMMMMMMMMM, delicious. Just today I had a salad topped with it (combined with toasted walnuts = scrumptious!). I still can't do the blue cheese dressing though...too old ladyish.

What can I say? Minds are made to be changed, are they not?


At 9:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

alot of nurses wear them as well and i've actually envied them but wouldn't be caught dead in them out on the town. since when is ugly foot wear cool and acceptable?

i love me some blue cheese!!



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