Wednesday, April 12, 2006

You know you don't give a shit about titles.

I'm too unmotivated to compose anything today.....lists are about all I can handle right here you go:

- The mother of a student here at school called me today for the 5th time, bitching about how her daughter's scholarship wouldn't cover her hearing aids and so she shouldn't be asked to give any more money (really, she talked mostly about the damn hearing aids). And for the 5th time, I informed her that her name has been removed from our mailing list. I got another 20 minutes of her insane babble (and I do mean that this woman is obviously a bit nuts--and religious: the LORD entered the conversation at least twice).....I finally had to stop her and say "Look, the only thing my office can do for you is remove your name from our solicitation list, which we did months ago." And she goes "Well, you sound so young it's obvious you have no power to do anything." CLICK. (I did the clicking. How's that for power, biznatch?)

- There was a fire alarm/drill at the Rec center today so we did our workout outside in the blazing sun. We did sprints, lunges, push-ups, all kinds of boot camp drills. Ass = kicked.

- I had a full hour of extreme dizziness and nausea this afternoon. Workout or drug withdrawal? Thankfully, it's gone now....but it was brutal.

- We watched "Crash" last night --intense. Good flick, but intense. Good deconstruction potential.

- I got 2 new CDS...Neko Case: Fox Confessor Brings the Flood (love!) and The Mammals: Departure (thanks Ma for turning me on to them!). I love new music!

- I am reading a really boring memoir right now: "A Girl Named Zippy." Snore....I need serious meat in my memoirs! Depression, eating disorders, abuse, illness....c'mon! Gimme some drama!

- I am going to the beach in 3 weeks. Yeah, so it's Florida...but there will be sun and sand and my friend Shannon! And work is paying for it (so I guess there will be some work involved too). I am staying smack on the beach ;-)

- I am making deviled eggs this weekend -- after I dye them, of course! I still enjoy dying Easter eggs...other than that...Easter means NADA to me.

- I keep thinking about this kitchy little purse I gave my mom that says "It's such a nice day today, I think I might surprise everyone and skip my medication!" (She keeps all her meds in it ;-)

- But it truly IS a nice day in Denver today and I am skipping the meds indefinitely! Woohhooo!

- Widespread Panic reminds me of drinking Bud Light out of plastic keg cup and smoking Camel Lights....good times, bad music.

- I think I want sushi tonight.


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