Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Some pointless shit for you to waste time with.

Yeah, I know what you're doing right now, you're wasting time. Well, what a coincidence, me too! That's what blogs are for, right? Right. In the spirit of wasting-timeness, chew on some of this pointless shit...or not. Think I care? (Ummm actually I do! I do I do I do! LIKE me!)

* After a variety of tubular arm strengthening activities in step class today, my arms now feel just like those tubes, those limp limp tubes...I'm afraid tubes are unable to operate a mouse, so work? Not so much.

*I made Kevin apply sunless tanner to my back last night without telling him that his hands might turn orange....snicker, snicker.

*I only had 2 hard boiled eggs for breakfast and surprisingly I didn't get hungry until 11 am! I ate my lunch before step class and now I'm hungry like the wolf!

*The no cussing rule isn't going so well. Fuck.

*20 bucks only halfway filled up my gas tank. Fuckity fuck fuck.

*The WEEN show at Red Rocks is already sold-out. I feel exceptionally special for dragging my ass out of bed the day tickets went on sale to buy some. Unfortunately, I didn't get you any.

*Everyone likes my sweater today and I got it off the Old Navy sale rack for $6.99. My shopping skills rule.

*I don't care if Britney Spears is pregnant or not. She's naaaasssty.

*Nobody sells 5x5 picture frames and I am in great need of TWO.

*I stabbed my thumb with Hendrix's insulin needle this morning and got scared I would OD. On what, I'm not sure. Needles are just straight-up scary, yo.

*Hendrix does not appreciate smoked salmon for his post-shoot up treat. Or cat nip either, for that fact. Little prick!

*I don't own a wine rack. I wish I did, even though it'd pretty much be empty 80% of the time. No control, that's me. But I still wish I had one, a magic one that never emptied, for all those VSMs (very special moments)and VBDs (very bad days).

*I just met with a vendor and used my best sweetness and light voice: "I know ...noooo, thank YOU! I will and you TOOOOOO!"

*Cat Power is some good music. And her name rocks. Fist in the air: CAT POWER! MEOW! Although come to think of it, she sounds a little too much like Beth Orton.... MEowch....

*OK...only 15 minutes left now 'til the wine is cracked! Yeah doggies! And snacks!

Happy humpday all you humpers. Now get back to work!


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