Monday, April 24, 2006

You can go back to Fort Collins again.

Today is a sleepy, sleepy's actually snowing outside. Can you believe that? Yesterday I was snoozing off my hangover in my bikini in a lounge chair outside (trying to get a little sun for Florida next week) and now THIS. UGGGGHHHH.

I also purchsed some sunless tanner. I've heard they have made some serious developments since I last used it, circa 1990. Fingers crossed for orange-less palms.

I finally made it up to Fort Collins on Saturday to meet Skyler Young:

Her social security number is.....just kidding. When I asked her mom if I could exploit her daughter's cuteness on my blog she made me promise not to divulge any personal info. Heh.

Here she is, the spawn of my matchmaking skills ;-)

I introduced her parents. But I was told that's all I could take credit for...I mean, it's not like I personally inserted the weiner into the hoohoo.....OK! Enough! But still, the little punkin' makes me smile proudly. Look at those dumplin' legs!

We ate dinner at The Rio. I know, we have a Rio here in Denver, but somehow it's not nearly as good, nor as nostalgic, as the one in Fort Collins. I used to get my serious margarita buzz on back in the day....although I must be getting old: Saturday night I only drank TWO. I used to down THREE - the limit- no problem and then stagger across the street to the Trailhead for more. (Sometimes I would really rebel and sneak in FOUR.)

Well, we still made it to the Trailhead after. Ann and I played some pool, as we are likely to do...except I snapped at the guy playing us because all he wanted to do was critique my skills ("you really should have tapped that on the left kind of close to the top....") and HELLO, that's just not any fun.

We ended up at East Coast, which has not changed in the least--except now they have a sign. And lots of smokers lingering outside (Fort Collins is smoke-free). We met some boys and took some Patron shots (my fave) and got down to the DJ.

Now, I don't know any self-respecting woman who would ever post a picture of herself clearly looking preggers, but for you internet....anything to keep you coming back for more:

No, sorry, not preggers. But it wouldn't be hard to imagine looking at this picture, no?

Ann used her connections and scored us a cab ride home. Cabs in Fort Collins are like me and my inhibitions when drunk = non-existent. The cab driver really taught me a lot about how to not get screwed when taking a we did the other weekend coming home from VA. I started to negotiate a fare and Kevin scolded me, saying "Rose, this is NOT Jamaica." Well, honey- glad you enjoyed forking over that $50 for a 10 mile ride. Anyway, the cab driver also told me that cab drivers HAVE to take credit cards, and if they don't then they are probably driving illegally off- duty and should be reported. This is good to know, seeing as at the end of the night I NEVER HAVE ANY CASH.

The cab driver also stopped at Walgreen's so I could pee. What a sweetheart. Thanks Deuce/Dunce...something like that! You've made me regain respect for those that get me home safely!

Yesterday morning after Ann dropped me off at my car in Old Town, I popped into La Luz for a breakfast burrito. I ordered and everything, poured my drink, responded to the clerk's comment "I like your outfit" with a "Uhhhh, thanks. It's what I wore out last night," and turned around to see this girl with whom I used to be really good friends but had a falling out for reasons of the over-drinking kind. Anyway, she didn't see me, at least at the moment I saw her....but it's a small place so she had to have seen me when I walked in, or at least I would think so...but maybe not.

My mouth formed her name, but I couldn't get it out. I guess I'm glad I didn't....what would I have said? My head was too fuzzy (my teeth too, I'm sure!)...I don't think it would have been a good thing. I sat outside and waited for my food. On the drive home, I decided I would email her today and I haven't. I don't know if I want to anymore....bygones, you know? We'll see.

I love Fort Collins. I never go up there though, which makes it even more special when I do. I have such good memories of living there...but my life is so different now. Maybe I was just tripping on my hangover and lack of sleep, but I felt really, really happy cruising down 38th and seeing all of the Mexican culture....the diversity of my neighborhood felt so right.


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