Friday, April 21, 2006

Redheaded rosebuds unite!

I received this the other day from a fellow redhead named Rose (Hi Rose!):

"Rosie, happened on your essay, "Wine". I was looking for some glass to use for red hair in a stained glass piece I'm planning. Red hair is hard to duplicate in glass. I don't know how I got to your site. I believe everything happens for a reason though. Anyway, I enjoyed your essay. My name is Rose. I too have red hair. When I was young, I had very long hair. On my wedding day my mother-in-law cut my hair off. She was a hair dresser. I asked her for a trim and ended up with very short hair. I cried, my husband cried. He was in a rock band and that night before we got married he also got all his hair cut off. He did it for me. your essay brought back a flood of memories. Anyway, enjoyed reading your writings. Rose"

She's talking about this essay on a site I made in grad school.

First, it's nice to get good feedback ;-) (Even though the "essay" was written in a drunken stupor...although, sometimes I wish I could just cut loose and WRITE like that again....even if it is just crap. I feel so self-conscious in this space...controlled and worried about what you think.)

Second, redheaded rosebuds unite!!!! I've always thought there was a connection between redheads that you non-redheads wouldn't understand....I mean, we are only 2% of the world's population ;-)


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