Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Three points and a one more thing.

First of all, sorry to those of you who missed out on your daily rosalicious fix due to the friggin' "www" being taken out of my URL. What the fuck, this is not the world wide web anymore? Totally has screwed up my linkalage and I have no idea what to do about it.

Secondly, I just wanted to be sure you all knew that I used to work with a tranvestite in Fort Collins. I don't know what brought upon these sudden memories of "Loni", but bitch was one tough dude. S/he wore these long hippie skirts and a turtleneck, every single day--even in the hottest of hot. You know, the t-neck was to hide that ol' adam's apple. She had a brown make-up line that often stained aforementioned t-necks. We got along pretty well at first and used to take lunch breaks to go smoke up. But I never got the "sexuality disclosure"....well, like I really needed one--shit was obvious. S/he also smelled kind of bad...like stinky funk. And her voice was a fake femme, but occasionally the gruff would emerge when she got pissed. Which, once she got pissed at me and threw a bucket at me in a rage, gruffly calling me a spoiled little bitch because I had taken Easter weekend off.

Welllllll, like any spoiled little bitch, I up and QUIT Fort Collins Floral because I needn't take any shit from anyone, much less a dude in hippie chick clothing.

Lastly, I was quite bummed to click back to my May 2005 archives and see that my first post was on May 13, not May 9, which I thought would have made today my one year bloggiversary. Damn the years just fly by. Guess I need to wait 4 more days for the celebration to begin.

Rosalicious likes presents.

Oh, and one more thing about Loni- she hooked me up on the worst friggin blind date in the history of blind dates. Another post, another day....but as you may concur, someone was really desperate.


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