Monday, May 22, 2006

Can this be classified as real prose?

I just received the latest issue of The Freestone, CSU's English Department newsletter. After skimming the usual faculty profiles and miscellaneous articles, I honed in on my favorite part- alumni and faculty accomplishments. While there are a few baby and marriage announcements, most are all about publishing something, somewhere.

Now I feel all nostalgic for grad school and academia, where I actually READ complex texts and WROTE. WROTE, people, actually composed real prose! These people are still writing and me, I have this here lameass blog and not much else.

Do you think I should submit this as my update?

Rosie Turner's (M.A. Communication Development 2002) blog "Rosalicious" is published daily on the World Wide Web. Rosie chronicals the boring and mundane aspects of her life-- from what she had for dinner, to how much she drank, to how many times she pooped in a 24-hour period. Her voice is decidedly profane, her mentality rivals that of a 13-year old boy. Additionally, Rosie features links to other girly, gossipy blogs, many of which reading take up hours of her workday as a fundraiser at Geek University. She has an entry forthcoming tomorrow about her love of Oprah Winfrey.

Dude, I've never been the scholarly type. Yeah--I could totally bust out some good rhetorical theory in my day, but I'm much more comfortable throwing the words SHIT, DUDE, and FUCK around.

I AM a good writer, I think, in my own rosalicious way. I just need to buckle down and do it! I know, I write here everyday, but honestly? This blog is no effort. I just usually spew forth whatever the hell is on my mind and press the publish button. (And I try to minimize the grammatical errors....I'm just like that.)

Blogging really IS a viable form of writing! Just ask my awesome adviser Sarah! She published this book. It sounds all fancy-schmancy but really, it's just a scholarly book about BLOGGING.

I know, perhaps I should put a little more writerly effort into this site. But the pressure, people! THE PRESSURE! I've never wanted this blog to be anything bigger than a slice of my life, however dull or exciting that might be. I want it to be funny and interesting, of course, but not pretentious or a bunch of perfectly crafted 5 paragraph essays.

Just shit, shit about ME.

I am out of practice. I need topics. I WANT TO WRITE A BOOK. A memoir, or a humorous How-To kind of book. Laurie Novaro is my idol....her books are fucking hilarious!

My approach, then, is 3-fold:

a) Practice makes perfect, bitch.
b) Topics are all around you: your life is one big series of TOPICS.
c) Write that damn book then! Sit your ass down at night and write instead of drinking Shiraz and watching shitty TV.

Alrighty, then. Onward towards book writing I go!


Kev just got home with groceries and is super excited about what I'm watching....Oprah's Legends Ball. I know he's been waiting all week to watch it ;-)

I adore Oprah, but this? Is a bit much.

I'm hungry--so please excuse me while I go maw on some food.

'Night night.


At 6:41 PM, Anonymous emma kaufmann said...

Hey, I love your blog! Just keep writing and don't let anyone tell you blogging isn't a valid art form!!


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