Friday, May 19, 2006

Workiversary, etc.

Three years ago today I timidly started my first real big-girl job.....the kind where I got my very own office and started to wear business casual clothing and had to sign up for assorted big-girl things like retirement accounts and flex spending plans.

Three years later I'M STILL HERE, albeit in a better position, but STILL HERE.

I think this calls for the infamous 3-martini lunch, don't you?


Sadly, no boozing occured over lunch. Instead, I sat at the Subaru dealership ready to FREAK on the woman sitting next to me in the waiting area. Chick (OK, chick is not the word--MOUSEY LADY, or Old Plain Jane)was chowing down on her fingernails. CHOWING! Loudly and moistly! Sick, I can't stand nail biting in public, I think it is the most digusting thing in world! Go on, Kev, baby, tell them! I freak the fuck out!

So I was ready to freak. She wasn't nibbling daintly, she was CHOMPING and then munching on the bitten off nail! Like it was snack time or somethin'......ewww. So I sighed heavily and moved to the other side of the room.

And now maybe I feel a little sorry for her, she was so meek looking. Poster lady for Mousey! But still, mousey or no mousey, spitting your nails on the floor at John Elway Subaru is freaking unacceptable.

Speaking of John Elway, Kev and I are going to the School's athletics fundraiser tonight....Mike Shanahan (HC of the Denver Broncos) is the speaker and guest of honor. Kev is all excited. I hate sports but I do like open bars and getting snazzed it's a WIN-WIN situation for all involved ;-)


Tomorrow is the first day that Kevin and I are both off in, like, MONTHS! God, what are we going to do with ourselves? I REALLY feel the urge to go camping! It's all hot and summery and whatnot and we seriously need some QT together.

I love you late spring/almost summer! I am so psyched to go to Telluride next month and to WEEN and up to the Mish ! I love outdoor shows! I can't wait for golf and disc golf and backpacking and cookouts and picnics and bike riding and festivals and farmer's markets and outdoor patios and frozen cocktails and cold beer and my god summer, I am so horny for you! Rahhhhh. Let's get it ON!


My, my! It certainly is a juicy day in celeb gossip! I just watched the video where Brandon Davis and fucking Paris Hilton act like total drunken spoiled shitheads calling Lindsay Lohan a firecrotch and other choice things.(Ahem, there is nothing wrong with being a firecrotch--it means you are a natural redhead! People used to say that to me ;-) He was obviously verrrrry fucked up, but still---eeewww, grossness. Like he can talk shit about anyone, gross slimeball. He just wanted attention. Paris Hilton's ass just needs to get kicked, that's all I have to say about her. A big girl catfight where she's torn to pieces. Like, totally.

Also: Britney Spears. I feel like I'm regurgitating everything thing I just read but yeah dude, what a hick! What white trash! She ugly! She got her some ugly ugly skin and some heinous clothes. She show her pink thong and her black bra and she almost done drop that lil Tater Tot boy o'hers lord.

I can't believe we have people who worship famous? people like this. Obviously I'm sitting around reading this, no room to talk.


At 1:28 PM, Blogger Buffy said...

Any excuse for a 3-martini lunch.

That's what I always say.


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