Thursday, June 01, 2006

Two craigslist posts and a wahhhh wahhhhh.

This morning I've been all about some Craigslist. Yesterday I posted 2 posts and my god, I seem to have forgotten how absolutely frustrating being the proud owner of 2 craigslist posts can be!

The first post was to advertise for our yard sale on Saturday. Now, don't get all "you're one of those white trash families who throws shit out on their yard every weekend to make a quick buck" on me. The last yard sale was not at my house and was not all my stuff. Plus, fuckers, it was for CHARITY. The one this Saturday is purely FUN MONEY. We're the damn charity this time ;-)

Annnyyywayyy, a word to the wise: do not post the furniture you intend to sell at the yard sale because lord almighty....STOP EMAILING ME ABOUT THE PIER ONE SHELVES! I don't really want to sell any of it beforehand because then my yard sale will look empty and chintzy. Get off your ass and come down on Saturday if you want to make an offer. Plus I would have put it on the FURNITURE forum if I wanted to sell it that way, dumbass.

(Wow, I really sound all Rant 'N Rave craigslisty don't I? Heeee.)

The second post was in the Housing Wanted forum. We found our current place this way so I thought I'd give it another go-round. I admit- I kind of laid it all out there all snotty-like....we want THIS and we want THAT and it better goddamn well be clean, oh and there needs to be some grass for our precious baby to poop on, and did we mention that the bitch DOESN'T EVEN BARK? Yeah man, as tenants we are fucking awesome. And we want all of this for around $1,000 a month in one of Denver's hottest hoods.

Um, yeah. That last line. Where in my post did I say that I wanted to spend $1,600 a month in rent? If I wanted to do THAT I would be calling it a mortgage! Jeez. I mean you should see the places people are sending me. Not a one fits the bill, not a one. Like Bon Jovi says...I'm living on a prayer here, man. Our house, when we first moved into it, was the BOMB. Total score. She lowered the rent from $1,400 to $1,100 and we were super psyched at how nice the joint was. Now? Broken pipes galore, broken sprinkler system, unfinished patch job on the ceiling, loud street, dirt yard...I mean, we're not living in the ghetto and we still get the major compliments on the pad, buttttt.....but. but. but. We want small and nice grass and cheap and we don't need all the fancy woodwork and clawfoot tubs and multiple bathrooms and tiled floors and new cabinets...wahhhhh wahhhhhh, but we really do!

Renting sucks.


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