Friday, May 26, 2006

Get thy holiday weekend on.

Dear lord. One more merciless hour left until I blow this pop stand for the holiday weekend.

Although, with the no drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes policy brought on by the running of the BolderBoulder, it ain't much of a holiday.


Allow me to change my tune, then: let's make it a holiday, rosalicious! A holiday from all those toxic liquids and noxious fumes you ingest so frequently! A break from the debauchery, the getting-of shitfaced, the drunken mayhem.

Another good thing about which to toot my own horn: I'm a lush and I run.

Take THAT drinking naysayers.....hi-YA!

I think I need more FOOD. I have myself so well-trained not to eat anything white and carby that, well, I'm just not. Just now at lunch I burned up almost 400 calories....I don't even know if I have eaten that many today.

Not that I'm complaining...I'm sure there's plenty in storage somewhere.

Do beer carbs count?

Now for something sad: one of Kevin's friends from home was murdered this week! He was found in bed with a girl he worked with by her boyfriend and the boyfriend went bazerk and beat the shit out of him. He went into a coma and then died last night. It's so awful. I hope that boyfriend goes to jail and is forced to eat his own shit, naked.

Well, don't let me spoil your weekend by leaving you with that bit of news. It's sad for sure, but you didn't know the guy.

How about a big sloppy cat-litter flavored kiss from this punkin-eater instead?

And as a public service announcement on behalf of my darling Kev: pack out your trash if you are going camping over the weekend because the nice folks at the USFS are fucking sick of picking up your nasty trash! Thanks.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Let the summer festivities begin!


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