Sunday, June 04, 2006

That's right, another weekend run-down.


First and foremost I REJOICED over 4 o'clock summer Fridays! Yay! Then I stopped at Target on the way home for posterboard and pricetags and ended up- as usual- with ohsomuch more. New wineglasses! A low-slung Telluride chair! (Telluride in 2 weeks! WORD TO YOUR MOTHER!) Once I got home I poured myself a tall juicy glass (or 2 or 3) of Pinot Grigio and set about making the classiest yard sale signs you've ever seen! Kev rode his bike around and put them up and I mowed grass/weeds/the dirt. Then we ate dinner and watched Me, You, and Everyone We Know. Wow. Weird fucking interesting movie. I keep thinking about pooping back and forth forever. ))><(( to those of you who've seen it...


Got up at THE CRACK and had us a damn good yard sale. We made $150 buckaroonies, all of which is safely sealed in an envelope labeled TELLURIDE. Beer drinking money, people. Money On Which To Get Sloshed. All of our neighbors came by and bought something, which I thought was pretty fucking neighborly. We met some new neighbors too--some old hippies who go to Rainbow Gatherings. They bought my "Pot Stories for the Soul" book. HA! Also: we sold the whole box of cassette tapes for $10 to some really groovy kids....we were both kinda sad to see them go- all my old mix tapes, Phish bootlegs....Kev's old punk tapes...some classics like Michael Jackson Thriller and Guns and Roses...SNIFF. But for real, we don't even OWN a tape player anymore. So sayanora tapes and hello New Belgium beer in a festival setting ;-)

After the yard sale I was beat, but a beer was in order so we headed over to Patrick Caroll's. I'm not so much a fan of the joint, they play the WORST music and the bartenders don't even know how to make a Georgia Peach shooter, but it's the only place with good pool tables and it's close. We drank and toasted our successful yard sale- my god, I should be a professional at it by now!

Then JANE joined us. Jane, who lives in our neighborhood and with who we always say "let's get together" but it never happens. You probably have people like that too... But by god- she called me and we made it happen! Jane is a trip and has a fun outlook on life so it was great to see her. yay! Shar and Alex picked us all up in their fancy new ride and we went up to a bar called SNOOKS that her friend just bought. Think biker bar-ish--kinda REDnecky. But I like those places- with the crusty old lady bartenders in age-inapproproate clothing and mullet-like hairdos. And cheap drinks. CHEAP - like a $2 bourbon cocktail. The cheapskate in me got the best of me and I, um, overimbibed just a smidge...

At the end of the night we ended up at The Rita Room, where I managed to drink a 'Rita. Shar and Alex made me promise to call them when I got home and I was all like "OK, but I don't want to talk"--like we'd be having some big conversation after we just spent the whole night hanging out. What a drunk! It's true though- I do hate the fucking phone....that's why none of you ever get calls, sorry! Ha- and the bouncer was watching me precariously try to get on my bike and says "You better be careful..." and I go "I'm biking" (like that wasn't obvious) but he didn't look convinced. What he didn't know was that from living in Fort Collins I became a PRO at drunken biking. A bonafide PRO.

And then it was g'night to the professionaldrunkbiker.


I admit, today started a little rough. I downed a fistful of ibuprofen and slept until 11:30am which was a blessed miracle since I am never able to do that....anyway, the sleeping in did wonders for my hangover and I woke up feeling just fine, thank you very much.

I went to the grocery store for some provisions and came back and ate a turkey sammy. Then I put on my bikini and hit "the beach":

Pitiful, I know. Clearly, I am in serious need of a big girl pool.

Now, here I am freshly showered....awaiting a yummy dinner of tortilla-crusted tilapia and a sweet corn and bean salad. Something really excruciating to my ears is on i-tunes and blogging this has felt like a chore so off I go. Enjoy the rest of your weekends...I'm going to. And if you're watching the finale of the Sopranos know that I hate you AND your damn HBO.

Lucy pimps it in her $500 dog bed.


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