Monday, June 12, 2006

Hear ye, hear ye, we are not exempt from wedding going this summer!

Oh boy, it's another LIQUOR FOR DINNER post. Actually, tonight's poison is not vodka, but rather my very favorite summer drink: pinot grigio. I hit Applejack Liquors for Telluride provisions** and alas, could not emerge without a tasty treat for tonight. Ya know, since I had a terribly busycrazy day at work and all.....

I am also taking full advantage of Kevin's absence and watching some BAD TV. As in the BAD (M)TV. I just have to say....Wes, from TRW-Austin? How in the HELL is that cutie Johanna with you? And your mohawked hair? HORRID. He is so pale he is GREY, and did she just call him "her knight in shining armor?" MY GOD.

(Yeah, I pretty much shot my Master's in English all to hell writing that last paragraph. Look what I've become. LOOK!)


Anyway, I'm here at this non-work hour (surprise, I know) because I wanted to make another wedding announcement. This one is VERY good. Jodi and Bill are getting married this summer!!!!!! I am so psyched for them. I love them both so much. I was there when they got together...they met at this awesome place- Bill makes the beer, Jodi makes the visuals.

OK- Allow me to interrupt for one sec! Kev just walked in the door and I say: Guess who's getting married?! And he says: We play this game a lot lately. Jodi and Bill! And I say: Yes! The wedding is this summer in Silverton. And Kevin says: See, they have an ATTACHMENT to that place.

What he is referring to is that we recently had a discussion about where we will eventually tie the knot. Actually - and I am only admitting this because I am drunk -I looked online the other day at places to get married in Cape Hatteras, NC. And that night I told Kevin I did that. Yeah....what the HELL was I thinking? I was drunk then too. Anyway, Kev says we don't BOTH have an attachment there and so it's not an ideal place. And to that I responded, as any girl would....BUT BABY, I have been dreaming of getting married on the beach since I was A LITTLE GIRL!

Clearly, such an exaggeration didn't make an impact. I guess I am going to have to start planning some serious Outer Banks vacations in order to make that attachment a REALITY.

And? And? Silverton is Jodi's special place, not Bill's. So There.


I know Jodi and Bill's wedding will be super fun, not like this generic matrimonious snoozefest, which may be, like, the lamest wedding ever known to man. I know it'll be original and creative and laid-back and not at all from the cheesy pages of Modern Bride. And there will be lots of beer, lots and lots of beer.


Well, I can't concentrate anymore because SOMEBODY is being a total dickhead about something that I can't say on the internet because I will probably regret it, but I am now kinda mad and someone, who shall remain nameless, is starting to seriously piss me off.

I need another drink. Ta-Ta!

** Do you think a handle of Bourbon will be enough?


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