Monday, June 12, 2006

Typical Monday morning post.

Happy Monday and all that good shit. Actually it's not too bad of a week because hallelujah- I am only in the office until Wednesday....yay!

(Did I mention how excrutiatingly painful work is right now? If I have to write one more institutional-sounding letter I THINK I MIGHT BE FORCED TO STORE BOURBON IN MY DRAWER IN ORDER TO DEAL WITH THE SUPREME LACK OF CREATIVE ENERGY LETTERS LIKE THESE CREATE.)

Bah. Someone help me.

And someone please help Yonder Mountain String Band--what the fuck is this sell-out sounding song on the radio?


Yesterday Kevin was the first "official" on the scene of a a fatal accident. It's not the first crisis he's encountered in Boulder Canyon, or even the second or third, but this was the first dead body. In fact, when he was telling me the story (as I was cooking FOOD, mind you), he didn't say "guy" or "man" or "person." It was BODY. Because when they pulled him out of the river he was already as dead as a doorknob. They did CPR on him, but of course to no avail. K said he was bleeding profusely from the back of his head and his eyes were eerily wide open even though he was well on his way to the pearly gates.

Ick. So sad. Shit like this happens all the time in these parts, unfortunately.

My weekend was rather lame and I liked it that way. Friday night we went to, like, the worst bar in all of Denver- The Paramount Cafe. We wanted to win Bluegrass passes and KCUV was there giving them away. Plus, it was supposed to be sponsored by Patron, my fave drink (one of). Well, Patron specials were nowhere in sight - in fact, the only drink on happy hour special was a long island iced tea. We ordered a plate of nachos (disgusting) and I drank my two long island iced teas, marveling at the sheer quantity of overweight people in the joint. (It was uncanny, really - and Denver is known for being THIN. Tourists? Were they there for the food portions which were fucking HUGE? hhhmmmmm.)

We totally felt like old people with early bird coupons, hanging out desperately at a place we would never, ever go. And to add insult to injury- we didn't win shit.

When we got home it was still light out so we took Lucy for a walk around the 'hood to look at some places for rent. I'm ready to throw in the towel and stay where we are. Everything is a fucking shit hole! Kev is willing to live in a dump but I AM NOT. I don't think anything will live up to my standards. K and I got into a fight about this....I mean, we're on the same page, really, when it comes down to it. He just took it personally when I called the places shit holes...he found them and therefore it was some kind of an attack on his taste. Whatever. He wouldn't have lived in them either.

Agghhhhh, so frustrating! Everything is so up in the air! I hate SO ready to feel settled. Some good news, though, is that the USFS is trying to get K on permanently when he's done with school. That could change EVERYTHING.

More good news: we finally got our sprinkler system fixed. Now we don't have to haul the hose all over the yard - it's all automated ;) Makes me feel attached to the house again....

OH WHAT TO DO? WHAT TO DOooooooooooooooo?

Other things I did over the weekend: sewed cushions for the patio chairs, lots of laundry, watched "Hitch," drank vodka, moved plants outside, planted another tomato plant, weeded and weeded and weeded some more, made cole slaw, used up food in the fridge, brushed Lucy and Big H, washed my car, read The Time Traveler's Wife, wrote a few cards, got some sun, slept in.

Hangover-free living, at its finest.


At 7:43 PM, Anonymous Kath said...

Question...the bourbon in your drawer would be stored in a classy Tiffany I right???

At 8:48 AM, Blogger Rosie said...

God, at this rate, I don't think even a FLASK would be big enough! I may just need a small KEG beneath the desk!


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