Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My grass is blue.

So, rosalicious, welcome back! How was Bluegrass?
Shit was dope! Seriously, there is no festival like it....anywhere. It was an awesome festivation....great music, great friends, great beer, great scenery...

What performances rocked your world?
Neko Case was soooooooo good. Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers--cheesy name but good band. Of course, Yonder was good- not as good as last year but still rockin'. Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings were this groovy funk band and we danced our little behinds off to them. The Decemberists were the odd-balls everyone wondered why were there, but I liked them. Nickel Creek was of course great- first time I have seen them live. All the Telluride regulars....Del McCoury, Bela, Tim O'Brien, Tony Rice, Peter Rowan, Jerry Douglas. Good but not mind blowing. No one was really mind-blowing.....except Neko. The gospel band on Sunday morning was really terrific and the Barenaked Ladies surprised the hell out of me....they were so witty and their sound was great!

I mean, at Telluride I'd probably even enjoy Britney...which reminds me... Nickel Creek did a version of "Toxic" which was super catchy and fun.

Did you boogie down like a wild banshee?
Oh HELL yeah. Mainly to the funk band. All other tunes got the classic 2-steppin' hippy-bop....not so much banshee happening on our tarp.

Who sucked?
Wellllll, me the one morning I puked. Otherwise, suck is kind of a strong word for such a chill scene. But, if you must know, I really did not get into Bonnie Raitt. She played one song I love (and I missed Angel from Montgomery- my signature karaoke song- although John Prine did it later) but the rest of her sounded like Cozy101. I also was expecting better things from the Drive-By Truckers. I think they were all just really drunk. Sam Bush gets old after awhile. John Prine....snore. Missy Higgins....snore.

How was the weather?
Lame question but at the same time NOT. The weather dictated fucking everything at this festival! Thursday and Friday it was chilly and cloudy and rained some...although we did see a little sun here and there. I looked up at the sky so much trying to determine when the next cloud would clear. Saturday and Sunday were GORGEOUS. Not a cloud in the sky--lots of sun. Sunday was almost unbearably hot.....but no sunburns for me ;)

Who did you go with? People you knew?
Yes, kinda, and no. Jenn and Yoni were the anchors. We know them, obviously. Then there was Eric and Yunny, who are friends of theirs from Minnesota whom we have met a few times. And then Damien, Ana and their ADORABLE child Mena from Madison, WI. Also- a guy Ryan from Fort Collins and his 2 comrades who said nary a word but sat next to us all 4 days. Some other peeps were thrown in there too...aunts, uncles, cousins, long lost pen pals....all awesome people. No drama, good vibes, peace and love and all that jazz...

Did you camp?
Heh. No. We stayed in Yoni's parents' condo. Shit wadn't free though.

Did you stand in line to put your tarp in a good spot?
No, but people started lining up the night before. Ryan was camping in Town Park and, god bless him, got up early and put it out each morning. We sat on the right side of the stage, same spot each day....accessible and always easy to find!

What did you eat?
I drank all of my calories in beer. And in between there were sandwiches and lunch stuff we brought in, vendor food like spicy greens and dumplings, and tots and salad from the Cornerhouse Grill. We also ate at a terrific mexican place- La Comida De Luz- for breakfast.

What did you drink?
Now there's a question skippy! Lots of water. Lots and lots and thank god there were free spickets flowing of it. Skinny Dip- lots and lots of Skinny Dip. After awhile the beer tent got nauseatingly skanky but still....more Skinny Dip. On the last day, they ran out. So then I had Fat Tire. We also brought Nalgenes of beer in....so economical of us! There was vodka and lemonade (Jenn and Yoni's drink) and Bourbon and Ginger (guess whose that was?). We had flasks of Bourbon that we drank straight or poured into Cokes. One night I had wine out of a sippy cup. Ummmm, there was tequila too, I think. And more water. And more beer. And more water. Beerwaterbeerwaterbeerwatermixedcocktailstraightupliquor.

Were you, like, totally environmental there?
Ummm, like yeah? We reused the same cup all weekend, hence the name in marker! Everything there was wind-powered. The bottles of water, the plates, the forks....all of it compostable. I picked up trash when I saw it. I refused a bag for my new skirt.....I did my part ;) It was awesome to be in such an eco-conscious environment! AL Gore woulda creamed his britches.

Did you hit up the T'ride bar scene?
Shhhhiiitttt, only in my dreams...literally. After a day of sun and drinks, who could? We walked straight home and went to bed every night.

Were the portapotties gross-out central?
Somewhat. I tried not to look or inhale too deeply. But this year there was Purell instead of the wash station with paper towels....better, much better.

Did you score any free shit?
As a matter of fact you big moocher, we did! We both got a really swell New Belgium bike bell for reusing our cup all 4 days! It's pretty sweet and will alert all those around me to my biking presence! I also won a bet with Kev and got a free bottle of wine. Yum!

Did you randomly run into anyone you knew?
Yes! We ran into a friend we hadn't seen from Fort Collins in forever (Eric) and a guy I know from Charlottesville (also Eric) and also a guy I used to work with at Mines. Fun! Oh yeah- and the Gnome Girls....crazy bitches, don't even ask.

What stuff did you forget that needs to come next year?
A squirt bottle for water, a parasol, rain gear (that's me- I mean, how obvious!), a flag to mark our spot, a big camelbak that holds more water. We could have used more bourbon too...

How dirty did your feet get, was the wart OK?
From the way it looks, I don't think the wart is going to budge, unfortunately for me and everyone in my yoga class. My feet got pretty fucking dirty, but I saw worse. I had a nice shower each morning, remember. The Horny Toad booth had a dirty feet contest. I did not enter.

Did you take any hikes?
Not this year. By day 2 I resigned to the fact that it wasn't happening. Which is OK...we were there for the music. (And, well, the mornings all started pretty sllllooooow, if you know what I mean)

What did people wear, anything crazy?
Well, in the cold of the night show one dude was wearing pretty much nothing. That was crazy, considering the cold! Fairy wings....are NOT crazy, in fact they are annoying. Straw hats GALORE, Chacos Chacos everywhere, lots of Patagucci, lots of Prana, lots of GEAR. Not many hippie patchwork outfits....those all must have been at Bonnaroo. I saw someone selling skirts made out of sewn together ties....kind of original but not very cute.

Telluride Bluegrass Festival in one word:
Sorry, Bluegrass isn't a one word affair. Colorful. Fun. Beautiful people.

To see more photographic evidence, go here!


At 2:00 PM, Anonymous jen said...

i am totally jealous! not of the feet, per se. how fun!

At 3:10 PM, Anonymous Kath said...

wow...have been waiting for the rundown....sounds awesome! welcome back :-)

we missed you Friday night but had fun for you anyways...

At 1:07 PM, Blogger hotdrwife said...

I am going to go. I am going to go. I am going to go. I am ...

No really.

I am so bummed I haven't made this event yet! I love Telluride, though. Such a great place.


I am jealous!!


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