Monday, July 10, 2006

In need of an attitube adjustment.

Happy Freaking Monday, people. Actually, it is- by far- not the worst I've ever had but it's also not rocking my world by any stretch of the imagination.....

I am feeling downright stressed and upset at the moment. And just now I ate 3 slices of greasy pizza for lunch so I am feeling pretty fucking vomitous to boot....ick ick ICK!

We are having no luck finding a place to live. Dives, dumps, overpriced pieces of shit....yeah, if you're looking for one of those hell, COME ON OVER TO THE HIGHLANDS. Everyone else is.

Yes- I know our neighborhood is, like, the next "Wash Park" but WE WERE HERE FIRST, before it was even considered cool. Now all you Swimclub 32-lovin' trendy bandwagon jumpers are marching right all up in our 'hood and taking all our houses! You want soooooo badly to live over here that you will pay $1,500 a month for a cracked out little bungalow, thus pushing rental prices over the effing roof!

Well- fuck y'all. We are going over to 5 Points before THAT area gets too cool for school.

(All of the above declared in my best gangsta bitch voice. haha.)

Also: some fucker stole Kevin's bike yesterday. We are having all the luck of a pair of zoo monkeys.

Right. So let's talk about something good. I got my $$ back. Woohhooo WELLS FARGO! And we finally saw An Inconvenient Truth this weekend.

Now, I know 99.9% of my readership has seen it or intends to see it, but for that last .1%....GO SEE THIS MOVIE. Immediately. Did anyone else CRY? I did. It was such a powerful movie, which is to say it was extremely well-done. I left with a pit in my stomach concerning many things regarding my life- one of which is the place where I work.

That's all you get about that. Buy me a cocktail and we'll talk turkey and coal mines and shit.

Welllll. Sorry to be such a downer on the FIRST DAY OF SUNSHINE in like, weeks. Wow, we Coloradans are no good without sunshine, at least I'm not. Are you?

(Funny, the only thing that comes to mind to end this post with is the thought of this big beer bong-type tube called an "attitube adjustment" that we used to chug from in college...)


At 3:33 PM, Blogger Howard said...

I throughly enjoyed the rain. We need it and it's been forever since it rained for more than an hour around here. One) I love rain. Two) It was great to curl up with a book and do nothing after my two viewings of Pirates this weekend.

At 4:48 PM, Blogger Shmeder said...

A bunch of my friends bought places in the Highlands in the 90's so I'm over there pretty often. I don't think I would get a place there now... it's outta my range. I do like Berkeley, Hill Top and Sloan's Lake so I guess there's still a ton of options for me if I decide to move.


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