Friday, July 14, 2006

A post that involves a slight overusage of parenthetical statements.

I know, y'all, I know. IT'S HOT.

It was pretty fucking hot this time last year too.

And if y'all don't start recycling your shit, driving hybrid cars, carpooling, biking to work, buying alternative energy, and planting more goddamn trees get used to it because: IT IS ONLY GOING TO GET HOTTER!

So stop your bitching and go pour yourself a nice cold wind-powered created drink.

I, for one, plan on doing just that here in about an hour and a half. We have quite a plentiful supply of New Belgium beers right now, thanks to one lovely NB employee who is "paying" us room and board in beer. It's all who you know, people. Allllll who you know.

We are STILL mired in the almighty house hunt, which I am loathe to write about because I know, it's soooooo boring. I don't even want to write about it. Let's put it this way: when we find something, you'll be the first to know.

(I am looking at a house on Sunday with a HOT TUB! GiddyUUPPP!)

In rosalicious falling off the health bandwagon news, I have had margaritas for dinner for the past 2 nights. Last night, while we were driving around the 'hood with our eyes peeled for the ubiquitous (or shall I say NON-EXISTANT) red FOR RENT signs, we saw our friends Jane and Shannon having cocktails on the patio at Aztec Sol, a mexi bar with a dizzying array of tequila. Did we stop and join? Hell yeah! $1 margs for the can't beat that.

(Just don't go there. It's still our neighborhood secret.)

I am also meeting my very first Denver blogger IN PERSON! I hope I live up to my own hype!

(Ha ha, of course. I really just hope I don't get completely shitfaced and puke in anyone's sink.)

Should be a fun weekend. Stay cool kiddos!


At 3:59 PM, Anonymous Kath said...


Getting shitfaced with you is one of my two sole goals for Saturday.

Sleeping in until 11 cause I am going out tonite is the other.

It's good to have goals.

Good luck on the casa quest!

hahahha...the last 3 letters of the word verif is PBR !!


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