Wednesday, June 15, 2005

In one hour I'm on my way to becoming a festivarian.

I'm currently sitting at my desk listening to the skin-tingling voice of Allison Krauss and I'm getting so excited I think I might pee my britches. Or fart in them. (Sorry, that was childish. I apologize for that image/smell/sensation.)

What I am really doing is getting ready to blow this pop-stand and head down south to the good times that await us this weekend in Telluride!

The oil is changed in the car, the liquor is bought, fifty bucks of good organic snack foods....all accomplished over my lunch hour (OK, hour-and-a-half). Cash, rain gear, tarp, tent, secret flasks for sneaking in Jim. Ready.

All those dirty hippies who worship the String Cheese Incident? THEY'RE ALL AT WAKARUSA!! Woo-hoo!

Try not to be too jealous.

Even though there is free wireless internet the the festival all weekend, don't expect me to be one of those festigeeks and post some shit up online while I'm trying to listen and dance to the likes of Wilco and Yonder Mountain String Band.

I will be back Monday with pictures and a recap you probably won't want to miss.

Until then,

Your favorite rosalicious


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