Thursday, July 27, 2006

Attention! A soapbox is being stood upon!

Last night after Drinking Liberally with Kath, my liberal spirit invigorated by, well, some liberal spirits, I walked to my bus stop, only to find 4 women squeezed on the bus stop bench with their big white doggie bags and even bigger......mouths?

(That's not really what I want to say. But I am trying to be somewhat non-judgemental.)

OK, who am I kidding? Fuck that. They were all large-bootied, loud-mouthed, bleached- blondes who had all probably just unbuttoned their tight acid-washed jeans after the big steak meals they had just scarfed down at Willie Gs. And they were "resting" on the bus stop bench as if it were a nice pleasant park bench on the 16th Street mall.

Meanwhile, about 10 of us are actually waiting for the bus. Standing up behind them.

So they're laughing and snapping photos and one of them starts making fun of the bus: HHHHAHHhhahhhh, cackle, cackle, cackle.....ewwwww we better move, we look like we're waiting for the bus, ahhahhhhahhhaaa, ewwwwww yuck the bus, cackle cackle, cackle......

The liberally invigorated me couldn't handle it.

What's wrong with the bus? I declared. They all turned around to stare at little redheaded me and one of them goes "WHAT did you just say?"

I said, what is wrong with riding the bus? Are you guys waiting here to ride the bus? Because some of us are.

So then they got up, all huffy, and as they walked away one of them said something to the effect of "at least we can afford cars, bitch!"

I was SO fucking pissed! Not really so much at them (I couldn't be....shit, bitches would have chewed me up and spit me out in like 10 seconds flat!) but at the perception in general of public transportation in this town. Does taking the bus make me low-class? Is the only reason I ride the bus is because I can't afford a car?

I want everyone to ask themselves this: why don't YOU take the bus? Even if it's just to go downtown on the weekends?

I can't begin to tell you the excuses I've heard- like, one time this girl at a party would not even get on it to go home with Kevin and I because of "the dirty people." Yes, there are some nasty people who ride the bus (even I don't touch the poles) but there are nasty people in airports too. Hell, there are nasty people EVERYWHERE.

Something needs to be done about the image of the bus. I'm tired of getting the looks of pity when I open my bus schedule in public. I fucking drive a brand new Outback, people! I don't need to take the bus, I take it because I want to! I take it because it is much better than getting a DUI. I take it because it is much better than circling downtown 50 million times looking for parking. I take it because it is better than feeding the rip-off meters a quarter for 10 minutes and then getting a parking ticket because you didn't put in enough change. I take it because yes, there ARE dirty weird people on the bus, but these dirty weird people are also very entertaining and enrich my life in ways that remind me how interesting and diverse living in the city is.

And......dum da dum's good for the ENVIRONMENT! Denver has awesome new hybrid buses now that are new and clean and nicely air conditioned. It's one more thing you can do to help those polar bears!

So please, if you can....try taking the bus a few times! If more hip, attractive, non-bum looking people rode it maybe the ignorance that it's a low-class mode of transportation would subside!


At 12:23 PM, Blogger hotdrwife said...

My husband drives to work because it's about 10 minutes flat. And this is good.

When I used to live in BFE, I'd take the bus - especially on party nights.

At 12:25 PM, Blogger Howard said...

Oy! The guilt! When I lived in Portland, OR, I never owned a car because the transportation system there was so outstanding that I didn't need to have a car, so I was spoiled.

The year I lived here in '92 & '93 was awful because back then, the system was so hard to navigate (at least compared to Portland's) that when I moved back to Denver in '95, I purposely bought a car to help get around. Are things better?

And I'm ashamed to admit that I only live 2 miles away from work. I know.

However, good for you for standing up to them anyway. You should travel around with some Monkeys who can throw comebacks a mile a second. :)

At 12:38 PM, Blogger jess said...

This is the best post you have put up in a long time. It only briefly mentions drinking and you don't once talk about being fat or lazy or sad but instead you channel all that wonderful firey red rosie attitude towards an important issue and one that we can all benefit from. Well done, rosebud, well done.

At 1:11 PM, Blogger i know, i can smell it said...

Biking to the bar is another good alternative, although I hear you can get a BUI!

At 1:27 PM, Anonymous hubs said...

I've been taking the bus or carpooling to work for the last nine years. i took both the bus and the lightrail just yesterday.

this reminds me of a headline i saw on the onion, "girl too pretty for bus!"

At 1:51 PM, Blogger Rosie said...

-HDW- time is definitely money- if I were to take the bus to work everyday, it would take me, with transfers, an hour and a half. My boyfriend takes the bus to Boulder everyday- he is gone for 14 hours a day.

-Howard, the system is still a little hard to navigate- I luckily live right on 2 bus lines.

-I know you probably mean well, Jess, but your comment comes across kinda mean. Ouchy. Although, I did just write a post about how my friends all lurk on here and never comment- so I'm glad you finally did, even so.

- Biking is a GREAT option and that was my main mode of transport in the, I am too scared to bike downtown b/c I don't want to get run over! The traffic!

-Hubs you get the gold star! I've always thought that RTD should hire models to ride around on the busses sometimes.

At 4:17 PM, Blogger Shmeder said...

I will finally have more options when the light rail starts up down here. I can take a free shuttle from my complex to to the Monaco and Hampden light rail on Friday nights! Until then, I crash at Doug's place downtown...

It's not the people on the bus or the filth that gets me. It's the hassle of having to change so many buses to get to where I need to go. I'm lazy too but it's a time thing. Also, I'm not a fan of walking home in the dark. I get too freaked out even if it's only a few blocks.

At 12:05 PM, Blogger African Kelli said...

The buses were made for drunken nights! (And be careful, would ya? You are one fiesty mama. And your going to get yourself in trouble when the wrong hoochie mama wants to fire back.)


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