Sunday, July 23, 2006

People will take anything if its free.

Why is putting free stuff out on the curb so damn entertaining?

First we lugged out our old futon. Not 5 minutes later, a minivan packed with people pulled up and started huffing and puffing the rickety frame and flattened old mattress into the back...Kev ran out there and asked if they wanted a second old mattress and they got all excited about that. I'm still not sure how they got it all home.

Next we disposed of Kevin's hideous water-stained side table (thank god!). Again, snatched up immediately.

Then there was the Pier One bookshelf, which in its day was quite nice....that is, until Lucy knawed the hell out of it. This item left the curb in 30 seconds flat.

(By this point, Kevin had suggested we crack open beers and sit on the porch to watch people take away our crap.)

I hauled out a little table that was missing one leg due to some girls wrestling on my front porch (don't ask). Kev was sure that wouldn't go and was embarrassed that I would put such a piece of trash out for the taking.

You watch, baby, I said. Someone will think this is a gem!

(And of course, someone did.)

It's like feeding the put junk out, they come and take! It's becoming a game......what's the biggest piece of shit we can put out there that someone will take just because it's free?

I'm eyeing some stuff as I write this. Who needs a trip to Goodwill?


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