Sunday, August 06, 2006

Due to the recent spending, dinner will be noodles this week.

Good morning and hallelujah!

(Thought I would throw that in since it's Sunday and all.)

Real quick - while we're on the subject of the hallelujahs, I have this gorgeous handcrafted Mexican cross - it's made of iron and is adorned with lovely's pretty. I hung it in the small entry way to our new place so it's the first thing you see when entering casa de Rose and Kev. I feel kinda funny about it - I am not religious at all, not in that sense anyway. Will people think "bible thumpers" when they see it? I'm paranoid. Just like my mosaic table.....I meant to do a swirling sun design and once I finished, all I could see was "swastika." Symbols speak volumes, you know. And neither symbol I identify with in the least! Arg.

I finished my wristlet(s)last night! SO cute....I can't post a picture until Kelli gets it, because I don't want to spoil the surprise....but of course I'm dying to. There is another rosalicious craft special coming too ;-) I love this blog/craft exchanging shit! Weeee! I'm ready for my next project porfavor.

I just talked to Kevin for the last time for the next 6 days. I felt really lonely on Friday and a little yesterday, it's strange. It's a feeling I haven't felt in so long....I think it's a good feeling to experience though. Of course, it's gone now, as I am into my own rhythm and doing my thing. It's awesome just to be alone with my own thoughts and plan my day according to what I want to do. I guess this isn't that weird- as Kevin works a lot of weekends...but it's rare I have a ME NIGHT with sewing and wine and TLC shows.

I was putting stuff away yesterday and came across a journal that Kevin kept while doing AmeriCorps 8 years ago. Hey- it was in with the books- fair game, right? My old journals are out and about....but I couldn't PUSH them on Kev- he's so not interested. Anyway, before you get all bunged up over me reading my man's diary.....keep in mind I only read a smidge (well, all he wrote was a smidge)! I was so moved by it. He wrote so eloquently and deeply and WELL! It was so Muir-esque, but not in a way that he was trying to copy that style - I could tell it was natural and had smatterings of Kev's sense of humor here and there. He also wrote about this girl he was interested in at the time, of which I devoured every word (ha ha). Good insight. He wrote "It won't work out, she watches a lot of TV....." Ah yes, that's my Kevin! I wish he wrote more...I know I love that Kevin mind, but I wish I could read it via written word. I love the written word.

(I'm trying not to feel guilty for telling you all that, but I had to tell someone.)

Anyway....lest I subject you to a major snoozefest with my ruminations about how much I love my boyfriend (who wants to hear that?) is time to get on with my day.

Buh-bye now......


I'm back.

Lucy and I just went for our first run in the new 'hood. Actually - seeing as its the Platte River Trail, it's everyone else's hood too. It was awesome. I am glad to be near the river.

We also had another 'hood first. I let Lu off her leash for one little second for a quick dip in the river and not 10 minutes later we are getting a $50 ticket from the animal po-po. This was NOT awesome. I tried the ol "my boyfriend works for the USFS and writes tickets for dogs off leash all the time" trick - you know, to connect with the law. Ha. Then I tried "well, I just moved to the area and I saw all the other doggies swimming so I just thought it was OK....." This was actually true, I did think this. But it too failed. As I was running away, the cop said "make sure you tell your boyfriend what happened here!"

Ha. Jerk. AND? He put for my height and weight 5'6" and 145. AS IF! I think I might be able to get out of it, though. He didn't check the box as to what the ticket was for.

Um, I also just totally bought a table and chairs from You people who live in Ikea towns? Count your mother fucking blessings! I paid TWICE the cost of the table and chairs just for shipping! MEOWCH! Oh well, I just spent 3 hours looking locally for something exact, and not one place had just what I wanted except....IKEA! I'd rather fork over the cash for something perfect than waste my time running around town. At least I hope it's perfect....the shipping cost makes me want to cry and curse a little.

Ah, the risks we consumers take. Especially when our boyfriends are not around to tell us that no, we do not need new dining room furniture whatthefuckareyouthinking?


At 9:42 AM, Blogger Howard said...

Holy crap that was a lot to digest after fighting off a stomach virus and doing nothing for the past day and a half. :)

Get it? Digest! Stomach virus! HA!

It sounds like you settling in quite nicely.

At 9:44 AM, Blogger Rosie said...

yeah- expect longer entries for the next week seeing as only having my pup and kittykat to talk to gets old quick ;)


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