Monday, August 07, 2006

Something about management that sucks.

I know I shouldn't write about this, seeing as there a few folks from work who read me, and anyway, isn't one of the cardinal sins of blogging writing about work?

But sometimes, you just gotta vent.

And so it is now, in the vaguest terms possible, of course :)

I spend wayyyyy too much fucking time editing and revising and fixing and making things right INSTEAD OF planning, creating, imagining, brainstorming, implementing, and otherwise guiding my program to greater avenues of success.

I don't know what to do. I make the same edits OVER and OVER and OVER and I don't even think they get read. The same mistakes are made EVERY TIME and EVERY TIME I have to sit down and basically re-do the whole document. For example: You can't send something out with the same word used 4 times in one paragraph. If you were constantly getting projects returned with this very mistake, wouldn't you be more conscientious of it the next time? Yeah, you would think.

This is a major timekill. It's to the point where I should just do all the writing myself since it seems like that's what is expected I will do anyway. With me having to re-do everything, it ends up being double the time that is spent on one project.

So....regarding the title above, the thing about management that sucks is that ultimately it's MY problem. If a crappy letter goes out, it's on me, not the person who wrote it.

Yeah, yeah welcome to corporate America and all that, blah, whatever.


At 1:48 PM, Blogger jess said...

It's cuz you are so gooooooood at writing. You are the goodest. You can really write good, Rosie. No one is gooder when it comes to writing. And I mean it. You always do a well job.


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