Thursday, October 26, 2006

Before I go...

I'm doing NaBloPoMo. National Blog Posting Month.

God, I am SUCH a joiner.

Basically this means that for the month of November I will post each and everyday.

Which for me, is really no biggie.

I just want to do what all the cool kids are doing.

* * *

At this time tomorrow I will be pouring tequila down my throat like nobody's business while donning a black bikini and a big Mexi-coated grin.

Jealous much?

That is, provided all this SNOW doesn't fuck up my travel! Yuck. It's only October and already I'm hating it. I know, tell me to move back south. I just might.

Anyway.....adios, amigos. Hasta "Halloween"! =)

Because my fugly picture shouldn't be the first thing you see anymore.

Moving the picture of me and my stupendous forehead on down the page, here's a picture of Lu-Bird:

lucy's favorite snoozing spot
Originally uploaded by Rosalicious.

She hasn't slept on this thing since we moved (it's up in our bedroom now), but on Sunday morning we all smushed together on it to read the paper and maybe did some other unmentionable acts upon it (they don't call it a LoveSac for nothing!)and I think she remembered that hey! This big purple thing is the diggity! And we haven't been able to get her off it since. She is SUCH mama's little stinky bird. What a punkin. What a poosnickers. Doesn't she make your heart melt or is it just me?

(Just me.)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

$150 later.

From looking kind of scary....with a big forehead and sweaty, flat, just-went-for-a-run hair...

To this, all coiffed and blown out and sitting in my big girl leather office chair.

Hmmm. The jury's still out on this one.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Weekendy Goodness.


OK, PEE PEE rocked. I totally take my snivelling back. I thought they were going to be some kind of angsty screechy annoying indie rock, but they are not! Though they kind of seem like a bunch of people who used to be in their high school bands, Pee Pee (terrible name notwithstanding....although you know it's fun to say!) was great. Listen to the song "Impossible" on their MySpace. You'll like it.


Before Pee Pee we had Swing Thai with Connor and Sarah and it was yummy.


No hangover. Enough said.

Ran some errands, dealt with the madness that is the Cherry Creek Whole Foods, took poochie for a stroll to our favorite store, Corks.


Thank god I saved up calories all day for Gumbo's! All I have to say is: BUTTER. Creamy herbed garlic butter.......yum. Gumbo's was a nice surprise. We had the best service, a good bottle of wine, and the food was decent. I started with an almond goat cheese salad and then had the blackened catfish atop crawfish etoufee with sauteed veggies (the waitress was nice enough to let us know the rice was beef-based)and Kevin had Mahi-Mahi in some kind of cream sauce with potatoes, and he too had a bowl of crawfish etoufee. It was completely fattening, but tasty.


I have always loved the Cruise Room (in the Oxford Hotel), mainly because of my undying devotion to good martinis. I also love the pretty people who go there. Saturday night did not disappoint. Two martinis and a heated conversation about whether or not our future kids will attend Catholic school later, we called it a night and walked home.

(Consensus: Our kids will not be attending Catholic school. Ha ha.)


Also no hangover. Enough said, redux.

I made the birthday boy french toast. We lounged about over coffee and the Sunday paper. I swept leaves off the patio and did some tidying around the house (tidying? Who am I, my mother? Hi Mom!).


Pull yourself off the floor, I baked something. I made organic whole wheat chocolate cupcakes with organic cream cheese frosting (OK- there was non-organic powdered sugar in the frosting. I guess no one can certify me.) and topped them with almond slivers. They came out just OK. They were pretty dry. I have a large plateful left, and I have the feeling they will not get eaten. At least not by me. Oh well, they were nice to stick candles in!


We decided over the weekend that we are going to limit TV watching in our house to 3 hours each per week. Kevin used up his allowance yesterday watching the Broncos game, and I used up an hour of mine watching Desperate Housewives. We've realized that we could be doing more constructive things than sitting around arguing about who gets to watch what. TV has a way of slowly creeping in and taking over - particularly around this time of year.


That's what we had for dinner last night. From Gaetano's.


Kevin's. I think it was a good one.

Friday, October 20, 2006

A hellaciously long post, a lot of talk about Red Lobster.

Last night I went to a happy hour party where they had something called raclette. Ever had this? Me either. I'd never even heard of it. It is awfully tasty, despite the pervasive, overpowering odor of ASS it emanates. I don't think I'll ever host a raclette party because I am super-conscious of bad smells, but if any of you do, I'll still come. I might be wearing a surgical mask, but I'll be there.

(A word to the wise: set out a bowl of digestive enzymes for your raclette-eating guests. My pipes are all fucked up today!!)

* * *

Over at Mighty Girl today, people are commenting about movies they think are smart and sunny. Well, someone recommended Just Like Heaven, a movie we just watched this week. They said it was "smart." People. This movie was like THE WORST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN. Jesus. It was so bad I wanted to cry. And I have a pretty high threshold for bad movies. Even more of a bummer was that it starred my 2 favorites.

Someone also recommended The Squid and the Whale, which we also watched this week. OK- it was a great movie. But sunny? This movie totally hit home for me. It kind of wrecked me emotionally for a few hours, actually. I wrote about it. Maybe someday you'll read it. Being from a fucked up family really sucks.

* * *

Someone has tickets for us to go see a band tonight called Pee Pee. PEE PEE! Um, I don't think so. With a name like that, they don't want someone like me there, what with my mentality of a 13-year-old boy and all.

* * *

This Sunday is Kevin's birthday....the big 32! I do love older men.

To celebrate, we are going to Kevin's very favorite restaurant, Red Lobster.

For Christmas last year, Kevin's dad's girlfriend gave him a gift certificate to Red Lobster, because she knows how much he likes it. On our trip home from Cincinnati (where we spent Christmas), we stopped in Topeka Kansas for the night. And what do you know? A Red Lobster was just down the street from the hotel! There was an hour wait (only in Topeka!) so we sat at the bar and got hammered. Then we ate shrimp soaked in five gallons of butter and wilty iceberg lettuce salad and deep fried flounder and those delicious stiff, cold cheese biscuits. And $30 only goes so far at RL, even if it is just RL, so when all was said and done we blew almost $100 at Red Lobster.

Now, what's true in the above paragraph?


We DID get a $30 gift certificate.
We DID get wasted at the bar in the Topeka Red Lobster.
Our meals WERE about 25,000 calories each.
We DID miscalculate how far the $30 would go.
We DID feel very ashamed for spending too much money at the Lobsta'.
We DID feel very midwestern American and I think we may have even discussed going to Wal-Mart after our high class meal.

(God, sorry. I am starting to get snotty. The gift certificate was very nice and we actually had a very good time. It came in handy on our road trip and seeing as we probably wouldn't be caught dead in a Red Lobster in Denver, the Topeka location was just perfect. And it was better than eating at a Waffle House.)

So, the only thing UNTRUE is that K really likes it! Um, he hates it. Me too. HATE. On the other hand, both of our families happen to think that Red Lobster is L-I-V-I-N. Guess we know where we're going when the clans get together. Really looking forward to it.

We are actually going to Gumbo's for the birthday dinner because Kev really wants Cajun food. It's a chain and therefore I am experiencing hesitation of the food-snob variety. Has anyone been there? The menu looks OK, I think.

* * *

And one last little Red Lobster memory, just because it's Friday and all. My dad's family goes to the RL for every holiday, birthday, anniversary, whatever. It's always and ONLY Red Lobster. Only the best, you know!

A couple years ago we were there for my grandma's birthday. Our waitress was a big dykely lady named Bob. (Please excuse my lack of PCness, but seriously. The chick was large and in-charge. And she asked for it by calling herself BOB.) I was very nice to Bob, saying my pleases and thank yous and generally just being my nice-to-waitstaff self. Compared to the indifference of my family (while not exactly rude, they definitely don't exude charm), my pleasantries must have had quite the effect, sending her roaring into the ladies room with an insatiable urge to masturbate.

I'm KIDDING. Lord, I have no idea what's wrong with me today.

Anyway, whatever it was resulted in Bob slipping me her number! And then! She sent a waitress friend out into the damn Red Lobster parking lot, where I was surrounded by my ailing elderly relatives and bible-thumping cousins, to ask if I was interested in A DATE. A DATE! With Big Bob! I politely said no thanks, I'm taken, and handed the number back.

Well, word immediately spread between cars and I stood there wanting to die while my homophobic family ROARED. That is, everyone who could hear. My grandpa, bless his heart, couldn't hear and looked confused. My dad screamed "THE WAITRESS BOB JUST ASKED ROSANNA ON A DATE!" Um, and grandpa still looked confused. "BOB HAS THE HOTS FOR ROSANNA, SHE IS A LESBIAN!"

(My boss totally just walked in and I just typed LESBIAN in all caps. I think I better go.)

I think grandpa finally got it. The end.

* * *

TGIF! I've drug myself through this week with big old metal balls chained to my ankles. (Figuratively speaking.) I am mind-numbingly bored. Skull-crackingly unchallenged. Ready to stay home and make babies.

Take that with a grain of salt, y'all. But I will say that at the gym the other day I looked longingly at the mommies playing in the pool with their kids, knowing I had to come back and sit in this quiet office of darkness and lame. Being a SAHM looked really fucking good right then.

I had a momentary glimpse of hope today when I realized that this life isn't forever. I need to stop fretting about the future and just be here today. I'm missing it all.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Back to the teeth whitening (see 2 posts down):

I better watch out, I may become a bleachorexic. Ha ha.

They're making teeth whitening sound like the next Botox! Sorry, but I would rather look at tic-tac white teeth than a mouthful of yellowed funk. A little Whitestrip action would do a lot of people good. Just sayin'....

And this will please Kevin, who spent the entirety of last night's episode of Laguna Beach googling "I Hate Laguna Beach," someone blames that show for the whitening craze!

I guess I should feel guilty now not only for watching crap TV but for using Whitestrips?

Speaking of guilt - here's another product to add to your current list of guilty pleasures: dryer sheets. We found an article last night listing all of the chemicals in them. Basically a dryer sheet just coats all of your clothes in toxins - all of which have been linked to cancer.

Another public service announcement brought to you by Rosalicious.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bitchfest stew.

Chop up some morning grumpiness. Toss in cold snowy ice all over the car and some thirty minutes late because of it. Blend in a little boss on your ass because his boss is on his ass, fold in some snide colleague comments until pissed off. Beat it with an ass-kicking workout mixed with asthma, followed by a soggy gnarly lunch sandwich. Top it all off with some insane tummy gurgles and a piercing headache.

Bitchfest stew.

It's so not cool to be me today.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

She had teeth as white as snow.

It's SNNNNNnnnnnoooooooWING! First snow of the season.

Those of you who don't live here and have never been here probably think that this snow is all par for the course. But Contrary to the belief of some members of my family who have never been west of West Virginia, Denver is not snowy and pine-scented and decorated in wooden moose cut-outs. It's temperate and sunny and urban and above all, it's FLAT. It can be cold sometimes, yes. And it's true that the weather changes quickly. Sunday we golfed. Today there is a frenzy for new snowboard bindings.

And....OKKKKKK, you got me. It snows for the first time every October too. But it just seems too soon! I am still getting bathing suits in the mail! (For real. There is a package from J. Crew on my doorstep as I write this.)

Alright. I am wee bit amped. It's so cozy. Instead of "an early morning doctor's appointment" (aka. "sleeping in") yesterday morning, I should have hookied today. I could be home with a nice steaming mug of cocoa and some Oprah right now. A hot bath. Some wine. Some cheese and bread. Slippers and warm jammie pants. Christmas carols....

On to lamer things:

These Crest Whitestrips are wreaking havoc on my dentures!! Ha ha. Dentures, I don't wear dentures. But I do love the word! TEETH. My TEETH are killing me today. All in an effort for glimmering chompers. While Kevin poo-poos the Whitestrips and hates their slimy nastiness, I have to say: I love them. To me, goodness is white teeth. I value white teeth. I will suffer for the white teeth. And since the white teeth-makers are currently prohibiting me from eating salty crunchy snacks, I love them even more.

In the same vain (Get it? Vain? Lord, I'm on a roll today.), I am ready for a new look. Feel free to weigh in here: Bangs? Long swoopy bangs and some stylish layers? That's kind of what I'm thinking. I am a little scared to see my stylist - the last time I was in for highlights, I was super-duper hungover and she had to deal with my super-duper sweaty hungover brow and my super-duper sweaty hungover attitude. Bleck. Redemption is what I need. And a picture of someone's good hair. Anyone?

Monday, October 16, 2006

On behalf of bosses everywhere.

Today is National Boss Day and my people didn't get me NUTHIN'. No card, no flowers, no candy, no thanks for that $3,000 raise last June. Not a goddamn thing.

(Apparently I channel Michael on The Office....)

I kid, I kid. A little. I mean, hey, who's the one who threw a big wine and cheese bash on Secretary's Day last year? Where's my wine and cheese, HUH? HUH?

Let me be the first to deliver the earth-shattering news that being a boss is certainly no picnic. In fact, most of the time I hate it.

And when I wasn't the boss? Hated it then too. That's what we're trained to do from a young age on is hate our bosses, right? Talk shit about them? Criticize them for making more money, doing less work, and generally enjoying more perks and bennies?

Yeah. A big What to the Ever!

I have to sit through pointless and painful lunches and meetings. I have to rein in overzealous secretaries. I have to obey the rules of HR. I have to meet budgets and negotiate raises and be the one to take the heat should the shit go down.


I guess there are some bosses who probably get off on the whole control aspect of management, but not me. I just want to come in, be friends with everyone, do my work, and go home. I can't bear the thought that people I work with who don't share my title probably talk shit about me. Call me paranoid, but I know how it is. I was once a shit-talker myself. Think: my boss is not nearly as smart as I am, I could totally do her job, she just sits and IMs all day, I do all the work.

Sound familiar?

Anyway, I am not saying you need to drop everything and give your boss a big old bear hug or a schmaltzy card (suck-up!), just keep in mind today that your boss (provided he or she is not the most heinous boss alive, there are definitely those) is a person too, just trying to make a living and trying to make sure a job gets done. It's not always the greatest place to be but it is what it is.

And when that same boss gives you a kickass reference for your first management position? You will totally see.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Special Magic of Balance.

Let's start with a few random pics from Friday night:

Yoni, Jess, and's Jess's birthday!

Clearly some sweet photo-taking skills.

Gross. Don't even ask....

K-Mac gives thumbs up to a delicious Stella.

We all went bowling beforehand for Jess's birthday. I didn't do so well.....but I did manage to beat K-Mac each game....yeah, we have that healthy couples' competitiveness. I did something naughty at the bowling alley, in fact I am even embarrassed to say what. OK- but I am not proud of this. I got busted for stealing a jello shot. A JELLO SHOT! They were in little plastic cups with lids on the bar, in a big bowl of ice, right next to the free plate of snack mix I was chowing from. They looked free so I took one, an orange one. The bartender caught me and said, all angry-like, "you need to pay for that" and so sheepishly I extracted a dollar and handed it over. In retrospect it is almost an honest mistake, but still. I feel like white trash.

Speaking of white trash, we had a most awful breakfast experience yesterday morning at the Breakfast Queen. Kmac woke and declared he needed breakfast for his hangover immediately. He asked what I needed, to which I replied "I need Special Magic." "Like the Special Magic of Breakfast Queen?" He asked.

Well, sorta. We certainly weren't going to nice place feeling like we did. And waste a perfectly good breakfast with headache and nausea? So a greasy joint it was. A greasy Breakfast Queen where they forgot my drink, messed up Kevin's order, and served up a perfectly barfalicious burrito brimming with canned mushrooms and orange cheese.

We even caught a waitress dropping toast on the floor, and instead of tossing it, she shook it off with great care and put it back on the plate. The Special Magic of Breakfast Queen indeed!

I know. You must think all my weekends are spent full of nausea and headache. Not so. In fact, we're all up and productive today and I am preparing for a nice run in the gorgeous fall sun. It's all about balance, all about the balance. The Special Magic of Balance.

Friday, October 13, 2006

I love this woman.

I'll start your weekends off right with my favorite artist.

Now if you'll excuse me, I am off to kick some ass in bowling.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fancies. Tickled?

Blogging? Eeeehhhh.....ick. Just not feeling it this week. Although, like working out, getting here to this blank screen was the hard part. Now that I'm here....oh! The possibilities.

I could tickle your fancy with a few thoughts on

- My cardio-kickboxing class and the instructor who is a 5 foot tall bodybuilder. She kicks our ass each and every time. "Do you know why I teach so hard? Because it's fun!" Ahhahhahaha. Nobody ever returns to her class except ME. I still go every Wednesday at noon and because of this, I have developed a huge sense of accomplishment: I can make it through an hour of her intense (And I do mean INTENSE!)aerobic exercise. Granted, it is the City of Golden Recreation Center, not Gold's Gym, where doing sets of jumping jacks with 5 lb weights is probably the norm. Ummm, we also did "the pony" today, which I don't think I've done since Jess and I took aerobics with her mom at the Y in 7th grade. Giddyup.

- The weather and the soup I've been meaning to make for 2 weeks. (Yeah- lame topic.)Tonight: it will get made. The soup, I mean. The plants also need to find homes inside since we're about to have our first freeze. I don't know where the hell I am going to put them all. It's a sickness, the amount of houseplants I've purchased, rescued, and revived. But they are all my babies, each and every one. I envy you people in California who can leave them out all year.

- Lucy. But damn if you don't hear enough about her. Kevin just called to tell me that he didn't take Lucy to her puppycure appointment to get her nails done. Instead, he bought the clippers and declared that from now on we're doing it ourselves. I am sceeeeered! Don't wanna.

- Kevin and his a super-human sized package. KIDDING. He has an interview next week for a big boy professional job downtown with a FIRM. He also has a meeting tonight and you know what that means? I can watch Laguna Beach without getting shit! That is, provided none of you give me any. I know. It's quality programming, you don't have to remind me of that.

- My drunken antics I just heard about. On Friday after the DAM party, we went to a friend's house in the 'hood and they had a friend from out of town visiting. The friend had a dog who resembled Lucy. I apparently sat on the couch and mauled the dog with babytalk and snuggles for a good 20 minutes, finally declaring to her owner: "You better just let me take her home because you'll never be able to give her as much love as I will." The friend was not impressed.

- Highland Tavern. I partly just wanted to type it in here because it's a new place and they have no website. I thought that those of you googling it, as I did last week and unfortunately ended up on some hideously obnoxious MySpace pages, would make it here and then I could tell you to go on over there and give them some business! 34th and Navajo. Just what I need, another drinking hole within stumbling distance. I have been there twice already and it's only been open less than a week. Ha ha! They're real nice in please go drink up!

- Halloween. What are you going to be? I have relieved the pressure of a costume of its duties by leaving the country that weekend. For the actual day, I will simply take advantage of my current state of mind: a hungover, jet-lagged, sun-soaked tourist who's just been to Mexico. Voila! A costume!

- If you aren't using this wonderful music service at your desks at work, you should be, even though I am listening to all songs tagged "alt-country" and currently Britney Spears' "I'm not a girl, I'm not not yet a woman" is on. People! Is this your idea of a joke? If so, I laughed. Now start tagging songs correctly! Although come to think of it, I sort of see the logic, seeing as Britney is basically a country hick from Louisiana.

Your fancies. Were any of them tickled? Ahhhh yes, didn't think so. Back to work it is.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I want it.

I am normally not one to covet and spazz, but when I saw a girl riding this on Sunday, I freaked.


Monday, October 09, 2006

Fun weekend.

Friday night, K and I went to HotDAM: Party on the Edge, the opening shindig for the new Denver Art Museum. Good lord, what a bash. So much food and wine and so many awesomely dressed people. And good art. I guess there was that too....ha ha. Though I didn't really check any of it out. I thought I would wait and go back when I was wearing sensible shoes and maybe sober? But the new building is AMAZING. Truly. It was also awesome to see some arty friends I hadn't seen in a long long time.

Kev in front of new building.

Super nice guys. I promised them they would appear on rosalicious. Here you go fellows =)

At around midnight or 1 am they busted out breakfast...bloody marys and mimosas! YUM!

Party goers.

Saturday morning: you guessed it. Feeling rough! I clearly haven't figured out the secret to maintaining my rock and roll lifestyle without the crushing headaches that accompany it. Dude! I wasn't going to let it get me down this weekend though, so I up-and-adamed and rode bikes downtown with Kevin for some lox and pickled goods at Zaidy's. After that, it was OK to totally want to die. Ugh.

Yesterday I ran 5K in Race for the Cure with people from work and about 80,000 others. The run was really good, but you wouldn't believe the corporatization of the shit afterwards. (As I write I am eating a pack of sliced apples from McDONALD'S that I got free.....YUCK!) The amount of free swag was insane. And people were fighting for it should have seen the frenzy for a sample box of Special K Red Berries.

Regardless, it was good to show support for my friend Susan, who is recovering from breast cancer. Since we're so close, our place served as home base for most of our team, and I'm sure you're not at all surprised to hear that I served up bloody marys and quiche for the after-race...."Boozin' for Susan." Oh yeahhhhh.

The afternoon was spent lying about watching girly movies and snapping at the neighbor brats who keep throwing shit into the yard and then ringing my doorbell to get me to get up and get it back for them. I think the little punks also stole one of my pumpkins. Their parents need a little talking to, although they don't speak English....en espanol, como se dice* "your kids keep throwing crap in our yard and tying stuffed animals to string to taunt Lucy?"

The naivety of living in an urban 'hood is seriously wearing off.

*probably not spelled correctly....

Friday, October 06, 2006

Back to our regularly scheduled hilarity....

OK. This is seriously some hilarious shit. I saw it when she published it the first time, but Amalah has resurrected it again today and behold: just as motherfucking funny!

The girl truly has a gift.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Be a part of something bigger.

This started as a comment, but figured it may as well be a post...

I've kind of had an epiphany- or, at least, an attitude adjustment. Last night I was thinking about the collective power of doing, well, anything. In my job** I am always preaching things like: "If everyone just gave $10 think how much we'd have." And my favorite tagline for the year: "It's not up to one person to make a huge gift, we rely on the support of EVERYONE."

And so it is with me: It's not up to me to change the world, or even be "the perfect little consumer" who does everything right. It's the small choices I make, when combined with everyone else's choices, that will make a difference. If everyone did just one small thing in their lives to reduce consumption and waste, or if everyone put their money somewhere that supported sustainable living....for example:

If everyone switched their toothpaste to Tom's of Maine.
If everyone switched to organic milk and eggs.
If everyone bought just one item of clothing at a second-hand store.
If everyone ate red meat just once a week, or not at all.
If everyone wrapped their Christmas gifts in recycled paper or grocery bags.
If everyone let their car sit in the driveway just one day a week.
If everyone replaced just 2 lights with energy-saving bulbs.
If everyone shopped just once a week, or once a month.

If everyone in the entire country even did just one of these things it would totally add up and change life as we know it! People (including ME) have to realize that you don't have to run out and buy a hybrid (though it would be nice...haha) and install all new bamboo flooring to be a smart citizen. You just have to do SOMETHING.

Guilt acts as our moral compass and while that's a good thing in a lot of situations, unfortunately, I feel it stronger than most. I also suffer from crippling perfectionism. Let me remind you all that perfectionism is NOT a good thing and in fact, I laugh when people throw it out there like "oh, I am SUCH a perfectionist" because they have no idea what a real honest-to-god disorder it is. Perfectionism doesn't imply that I think I'm perfect, or that "being perfect" is my goal, it's that I have unrealistic expectations for myself and those around me and often can't clearly see the world as it really is, or can't deal with the reality of the way things are. I have a hard time being's a coping mechanism. Basically, it sucks. But it's getting better.

I am finding that it is absolutely necessary to frame things in this way - small choices mean something. They mean everything. Go on - join me. Make one today!

** Really a huge problem right now in and of itself, but that's for another day.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Just thought you should know.

Upon the recommendation of my boyfriend, who never buys ANYTHING, I just finished a rather life-changing book: Affluenza.

True to form, I have shitloads to say about it. But since I just spent 45 minutes bitching about the book and the ills of our society to a co-worker and I've done gone and made myself TIRED of the topic, I'll let you read it for yourselves.

But you have to promise to read it, OK? Promise? I even gave you a head start by linking to its Amazon page, where you can buy it - APPROPRIATELY - used for a mere 6 bucks.

(Better yet: We got it from the LIBRARY 'cause that's how we roll. Sniff. Sniff.)

Suffice it to say, this book was yet another avenue to sad and gloomyville. Instead of getting all accusatory up in society's hypothetical grill (why am I speaking like a gangsta bitch?), let's talk about me for approximately one second. Me, and how absolutely crappy I feel that I am one of these people. I consume tons of shit with the best (er, worst) of them. And it really does make me feel all empty and gross inside. Even more empty than the emptiness I started with.

Hey. I said approximately one second and that's all you get. I am not having a happy week. I know why. It'll pass. I still made it to yoga last night - POWER yoga, mind you - and an ass-kicking class over lunch today. I'm trying. It's just that there are some areas of my life that are hollow and yuck right now and it is seriously bringing me down.

Down down downtown Julie Brown.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Drinking Liberally.

In the truest sense of the words.

And that's all I have to say about that.