Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I love reading craigslist missed connections.

This is just one of the perks of working in the outdoor industry.

I used to work at this place...cute boys, indeed!

The new chair.

I just had a very plush, very new, very cream-colored armchair and ottoman delivered to the house.

Problem is...it makes the futon with which it shares a room look like ass cake! Am I going to have to replace everything now in order to compete with the new shining star of the household?

I'm sitting here at work fretting about, wanting to run home and rearrange everything and make it just SO.

Sorry boss, but I think I need to take a personal day....my futon is in crisis.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Sorting through the NO pile.

I am currently in the process of hiring a new secretary. The minimum education requirement for the position is a high school diploma.

In looking at these resumes, dude.....it shows!

There are NO perfect resumes. They all have some sort of spelling or layout error. And the cover letters! Did they all get "Job Searching For Dummies" and each copy the sample cover letter from the book, word for word? They all say the same thing!

My personal favorite is the one that put "I have" or "I can be" in front of each and every exact sentence in my job posting: "I can be responsible for coordinating and printing direct mail appeals and other communication materials" or "I can be responsible for providing administrative support to so-and-so and so-and-so." She also wrote: "I also have more than a high school diploma and three years experience in an office environment." REALLY?


All I really want is someone with a sweet phone voice and nice handwriting. Oh, and someone who will bring in fresh-baked cookies and wear festive jewelry on all the holidays.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Morning at home.

I am sitting here watching the Today show, drinking coffee. It's 9:30 am, I have the morning off....which I deserve, seeing as we have to do a training tomorrow. I am even tossing around the idea of not going in at all. Oh, the things I could accomplish! I could finally clean out the fish tank! And pot some plants since it's nice outside. Take Lucy for a run! Kevin is finally back to work at the USFS and I have the house to myself! It would be so lovely to piddle around without him here.

(Oh jeez--is there really a segment on the Today show about how to pick the right tights? Give me a break. Don't get me wrong-I am loving patterned tights right now. Sassy!)

Do you ever look around your house and hate what you see? We live in a lovely old Victorian, but right now everything looks old and dirty. Our furniture is shit we've collected over the years, some of it even circa "the college years," a lot of it hand-me-downs.

We are planning to move the TV room into the main living room, mainly because the couch in there is new and the nicest piece of furniture we own. The TV room we envision becoming a nice reading/sitting room. We thought the main living room would be that, but we never use it.

Our big juicy Lovesac(TM)is also in the main living room, only because that's where it would fit. Have you ever settled into one of those to watch a movie? Ummmm, it's heavenly. All we need is a nice armoire to put the TV in...I hate an exposed TV. We've both agreed to go in on one, so that's solved.

The TV room needs a plusher rug to spread out on, and an overstuffed chair with a lamp behind it. Maybe a tall bookcase to fit all our books, instead of a few rogue small ones all over the house. Maybe a nice tall tree, a small table that I paint myself and install knobs from Anthropologie--just because I want an excuse to buy some of those cute knobs!

Oh, to dream...


In other news, I finally bought a scale. I can run, but I can't hide. Ha ha...literally! I decided to wait until this morning to hop on it. And? And I was pleasantly surprised!

(I weigh exactly 4 lbs. less than Kevin. Yeah, he's a little leprechaun.)

I have two things to work towards: the Bolder Boulder in May, and my trip to Key Biscayne, also in May. It's good to have goals, no?

Oh, and a pair of designer jeans. An insanely expensive pair. Just because...you know, I would be able to fit in them. (I'm kind of kidding.)

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Anger and denial are no fun.

I am almost finished with a book that has the potential change my life as I know it.

That's a serious statement, I know. The book is called Molecules of Emotion and it's written by Candace Pert, Ph.D. If you've seen What the #$*! do we Know?, then maybe you know of her. She was in it.

I'm devouring her ideas. Every single one of them. The book is basically about how the chemicals in our body create the mindbody connection and how there is a biomolecular basis for our emotions and feelings. In other words, our feelings and our bodies are inextricable from one another.

This is all fine and good, and yeah...we've all heard or know there is a mind-body connection. But the great thing about this book is that Candace PROVES it! It's all there, the science behind it.....the proof! In the course of the book, she eventually transitions from traditional science to eastern/alternative medicine--not only because of the corporate male-centered mentality of traditional science, but because her findings support so much of what alternative medicine and ancient healing have been emphasizing for years: you can't just treat/prevent the physiological symptoms and expect to heal!

I am a terrible book-reviewer, so I'll get straight to how the book has affected me. That's really what you want to hear about anyway, right?

Throughout my entire twenties I've dealt with anxiety/depression. I've been on several different antidepressants for this, the most current being Celexa. I feel good right now--no anxiety attacks, I sleep well, life is running smoothly, therapy is going great. Is this because of the meds? Ummm, I think (thought?) so.

I know I've been up on my high horse about how antidepressants don't deserve the bad rap they get and how they really help people. I've also said on repeated occasions that I didn't mind being on it and didn't care if I had to take it for the rest of my life. Stubborn little thing, aren't I?

This book...are you ready...has convinced me otherwise! In fact, today I only took half a tablet! Yes, Candace Pert is THAT GOOD.

So it all starts with emotions, and the release of. Repressed emotions = disease. Or depression. According to the book, in order to keep our systems clear and flowing in their natural happy state, all emotions--good or bad--need to be felt and released. It is only when our systems get blocked with unexpressed biochemicals of emotion that we feel depressed.

Anger released this week on one toxic friend? That's right. Up next: toxic family member. I know we've all heard this about expressing pent-up anger before, but it makes so much more sense and is validated when you are presented with the hard science. Plus, let's be honest: getting it out feels super good!

Candy (may I call you that, darlin'?)has also reinforced the evilness of drug companies. Do you know that she and her partner came up with a non-toxic cure for AIDS and no one would buy it? Can you believe that? It's because AZT, which is a highly toxic chemotherapeutic, was already being endorsed and lobbied by Big Science.

Anyway, the book talks about how we really don't know enough about antidepressants to be completely sure of their safety and effectiveness. They've only been measured by their effects on the brain, but nowhere else in the mindbody. Pharmaceutical companies are pushing the drugs like tic tacs but aren't doing the complete research. Did you know that there is serotonin in your intestines? I didn't. Apparently people who take antidepressants are flooding their gut with serotonin, resulting in gastrointestinal disorders. Eeeek! Maybe this explains it!

Before I totally put y'all to sleep, let me bring it back to what I'm really wanting to say. I'm saying that simply treating my problems with drugs is not enough (or right). It's not even enough to treat them with solely with talk therapy. I'll treat both the physiological and the emotional...as one. I'll honor the complicated system that is my body and let it do its thing.

I'll continue therapy as a way to release emotion. I'll release as I feel. I'll figure out a way to tell people how I feel without judging. I'll keep running. I'll get regular massage and other touch-therapies (ie. acupuncture). I'll deepen my yoga practice. I'll eat better and laugh longer and let go of denial.

I know, I'm hardly reinventing the wheel here. I already knew what I needed to do, I've probably said all this before. I just needed this book to get me there. It was pretty damn powerful. My AHA! series of moments that confirmed and reinforced what I've already believed to be true.

Go out and add this gem to your collection right away!

***To those of you who've expressed concern to me about my plan: Not to worry, I will proceed with caution. I am not simply going to toss my pills and run away to the nearest ashram.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

New shoesies.

Introducing the newest member of my Dansko family:

What a treat to find these on my doorstep last night! They're cute, huh?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Just in case you missed this picture in my Christmas flickr set:


I totally thought you needed to see that.

Carry on!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Corporate eventing, and some more birthday too.

It's Friday and I feel like doing NADA. I came in late this morning, oh around 11. My Associate Director is out today too. What a coinkeydink! It's just that kind of a day, I suppose. (I doubt she was out drinking last night like I was, though.)

Last night I went to a wine tasting event with Jen. It was held at this awesome glass gallery in Cherry Creek.....Pismos. They had these huge Dale Chihuly pieces dangling from the ceiling. Seeing as everything in the gallery was glass, maybe it wasn't the smartest place to be serving up wine. Fret not though, the crowd there was quite tame. Pretty boys....young entrepreneurs.....corporate whores.....the see-and-be-seen Cherry Creek crowd, that's who was there. Good thing I wore my work clothes instead of my usual after-work attire! (Funny: one of the gallery girls complimented my sweater and I asked where I got it. When I replied "Old Navy" she was in shock and said she had sworn I had gotten it at Anthropologie. Go me and my sales shopping! The sweater was a mere $9.99!)

So I networked a little (the event was being held by an investment firm trying to drum up new business), fell in love with a good Zinfandel, saw some amazing art, and was glad I was wearing sensible shoes. All in all, a successful evening.

Oh, one more thing: over after-wine tasting martinis, it was decided that I am going to be Jen's final project. She's in nutritional therapy school and is going to analyze my eating habits and counsel me. My needs? Lose weight, obviously. But also....control my gas. Kevin will be very happy about this, I'm sure. I think that, with the amount of gaseous energy emanating from my tushy, something in my digestive system must be amiss.

Tonight we're going out for Thai and to see New Monsoon and Hot Buttered Rum String Band--again, for my birthday! I'm telling you, this is the month-long ushering in of a new decade! Jen gave me a fabulous necklace last night. This has been the best 30th birthday ever!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Gettin' busy with Form 1040A.

So I just did my taxes. And I am getting a REFUND! A sizeable refund! Bigger than ever, thanks to some deductions I'm finally getting off my ass and taking.

I am already plotting and planning how I'm going to spend the extra dough:

New coffee table. Ipod. Car windshield. Pottery class. Acupuncture. Vacation fund. New clothes. Outdoor gear. New coffee maker. Shoes. Purebred puppy. Day at the spa. Goodness, the possibilities...they're endless!

(So much wanting. So much consumption. So much materialism.)

Ah, well. Let's not dwell on that. The sad, sad reality is that my refund will barely, but surely, pay off my credit card. How responsible of me, I know.

BUT! If I were to splurge on one thing, one new thing for being such a good little girl and doing my taxes promptly, what would I splurge on?

(I can always put it on the newly paid-off credit card.)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Consider yourself updated.

This past weekend was totally fun and totally needed...in more ways than one.

Friday night we went out to dinner at Mead Street with Shar and Alex. Wine was consumed, Jamaican souvenirs were handed out, and stories of our tropical vacation livened up the table. After dinner, they came by our place to check out our trip pics. In perfect Jamaican tradition, we sucked down strong rum and cokes.....some of us, through a weiner straw.

Saturday was....TAHDAH....cleaning day! I awoke to Kevin scrubbing the kitchen. Granted, it was because Lucy's paw had bled all over the floor, but still. Kevin cleaning! We got the house in order, then I went and got my hair done at the beauty parlor. Yeah, my hair joint is hardly what you'd call a beauty parlor. I always leave my salon feeling like I want to run right out and buy a new wardrobe! Those stylist girls are so damn, well, stylish! $140 and 3 hours later, I was all blown out, coiffed, and highlighted.

I then ran home, chowed down a spinach quesadilla, and hit REI for their sale. Purchased: a super sporty-cute bag-purse and a wool sweater--which, come to find out, was dual-toned once I got it home and out of the bag. Ummmm, OK. I like it anyway.

Decked in my new hair and new sweater, and K in his vintage Elway jersey, we hit Breckenridge Brewery to watch the Broncos playoff game. Broncos fans Shar and Alex, both sporting Broncos
gear as well, joined us. May I point out that you will never, ever catch me in sports wear? Yuck!We got there late, however, and got a shitty seat with no view of the TV. Me, being the big football fan that I am (HA!) could have been content swigging down avalanche ales where we were, but no, not when you're with these football-crazed people... a view of the TV is essential.

So we went somewhere else. Many somewhere elses. All of them packed. After 3 laps around LoDo, getting hungrier and crankier by the moment, we eventually land back in our hood at the 'Rita Room. Go figure. Lesson learned: if you're running late, don't try to go to a sports bar, especially one downtown. Go Mexican. Or Chinese. The laundromat...anywhere there is a TV works smashingly.

The Broncos won. It was actually pretty exciting. Maybe it was those 2 kamikazes and 3 margaritas....but yeah, grumpy old non-sports me....I cheered. Spirit fingers! After the big win we went back to Shar and Alex's and made some CRAZY group pictures on their new Mac. (They'll be up here shortly. Just you wait.)

Sunday, oh the day the Lord hath made. I felt ick, yuck, dehydrated, congested. I laid in a chaise lounge in the back yard and got some sun! In gauchos and a T-shirt! I made phone calls, I drank Blue Mountain coffee, I pet my pretty puppy and kitty. We went shopping after the sun-catching so I could spend a gift card I got for Christmas. I got one of those "Life is Good" T-shirts....just because....well, it is.

We stopped in the new Whole Foods at BelMar...holy shit! That place is overwhelming! Talk about sensory overload. I couldn't concentrate but lord, I sure could spend. I felt a little twinge of sadness passing by the flower section. I gave up my floral position at Whole Foods to come work in an office environment, for those of you wondering. Whole Foods was totally a fun place to work.....it's just that my degree needed using. I still hold WF close to my heart. And my wallet.

Sunday night was spent watching the Sopranos on DVD and reading the Sunday Post. Oh yeah--and eating chips and mango salsa, dungeness crab soup, bread, pesto, and goat cheese. All from WF. YUM!

Monday, a holiday! What a treat to sleep in until 11! I couldn't honestly tell you how the morning was spent....oh yes, that's right: breakfast sandwiches on leftover WF bread and the last episode of the Sopranos. Some piddling around, some sewing of some pants, some trashing of non-necessities. The usual.

We went to a matinee of Brokeback Mountain. Oh was it good! The scenery....y'all, I get to see places like that all the time! Heath Ledger was great. I normally don't find him much to look at, but as a gay cowboy--yum. Jake, well, no wonder he wasn't at the Golden Globes....not so good. However, the fact that the Mayan Theater serves beer and wine now....good!

Dinner was collard greens, tofu, steamed carrots, and couscous. (I'm back in the game of eating healthy.)

Golden Globes, book, bed.

Here I am:

Back to work, back to work, jiggedy jig.... I am off to yoga to not look like a fat pig....

Sunday, January 15, 2006

The tall order for 2006.

Here's my list of things to do this year:
  • Get lots of Colorado action. We might move next year, so there are still places I need to see and things I need to do..... snowboarding, climb a 14er, hut trip, visit Durango and SW Colorado, great sand dunes, lots of hiking and backpacking...Denver's still got a lot to offer as well. I want it, all of it.
  • The requisite lose 20 lbs. I know, I know. I'll spare you.
  • Keep working out! I have been doing so well...it's almost a habit. I want toned arms and a flat(ish) tummy! If I don't do it now, I can pretty much say goodbye to a good body by the time I'm 40.
  • Consume less. This means less junk in the form of trips to Target. Only buy good quality food, housewares.
  • Deepen my yoga practice.
  • Aquire a skill that will enhance my career--web or graphic design.
  • Make more.
  • Car maintenance...I've been putting it off.
  • Buy a house. This year...or next. I am hoping to buy one here, and that will mean we can stay! I love you Colorado!
  • Put more effort into looking polished and stylish....both at work and in life. Especially at work--I just throw on slacks and a button-down....so blah. My whole look is blah--I can do better.
  • Eliminate excess and toxic people. I'd rather have a few high quality people in my life than a whole lot of nothingness.
  • Health! Now that I'm approaching old age (HA!) it's time to get serious. Flossing regularly, going to the Doc, continuing therapy, accupuncture (that's for you Shar!), moisturizing the old crow's feet around the eyes, eating whole and fresh foods, limiting toxins, wearing lots of spf, exercising, drinking lots of water, fasting, drinking green tea, taking my vitamins......I want to live long and well. Now is really the time to get the health issues in order.
  • Be more patient.
  • Be a better listener.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Back to the grind.

Hi, it's me Rosie. I'm in real time now, back in Denver. Dealing. With. Crap. Does the friend bullshit ever stop? I am 30 feeling like I'm 18. I thought that by the time I reached this age I'd be surrounded by only those awesome people who didn't get weeded out through the pettiness and insecurities of my twenties. Obviously not.....still more weeds to pull, I guess.

Anyway....it's been hard getting back into the swing of things, but I've done it: already this week I've been to the dentist, been to yoga, worked out, been out to dinner twice, lunch twice, and washed my car. I've been to the post office, been to the bank, uploaded all my pictures, drank a bottle of wine, gone out to play pool.

The birthday stuff keeps rolling on in too! Woohoo for the entering of a new decade!

Where's my green all-inclusive bracelet when I need it? I wish 3834 Lowell Boulevard would magically turn into free prepared meals and strong rum punch. I'd get fresh towels everyday, a tautly made bed, little neatly wrapped soaps.

Ahhhh well. It's 3 pm, 65 degrees, and we get out of work early.

The weekend is looking up.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Day Five of 30th Birthday Trip: Jamaican me sick.

January 7, 2006

Sad and happy. I puked all morning. Now I have diarrhea...ick! Never thought this would happen to me. No one else is sick. It's soooo not fair. I woke up at 4 am with sour rum punch just sitting heavy in my stomach, next thing you know I am wretching. Up and down, up and down for the next 6 hours. I finally took a dramamine, snoozed a little and was then able to drink some Ting (Jamaican grapefruit soda--it's delicious!) and eat some dry cereal.

Not wanting to waste the last day, I forced on my bikini around noon. Luckily today is super windy and the waves are making life at Samsara difficult. They're crashing all over the sun decks and into the bar and pool, it's not pleasant. So we walked the 2 miles to the beach, only to find out that the waves there had made the beach disappear. We laid by the pool, but I was bummed-- I needed to rest my weary soul on a beach. I sipped bottled watter while Kev drank beer.

I should have been more careful. But everyone else was drinking and eating everything....next time, I will monitor more carefully. It's so hard when you're on vacation to be militant about your meals.

I hope this bug is just moving through. This is not fun, I feel so crappy. No rum for me tonight. What a waste! No drinks for this chica today--boooo...that's like $50 down the tubes! And we were good last night too...went out to dinner, only drank very moderately and sat on the beach at night. Went night-night early.

Well, despite this unfortunate final outcome, the trip has been wonderful and rejuvenating. Although my liver and lungs didn't get much of a vacation, my mind did.

Next time: more beach, take excursions--zip line, rafting, hike etc, European meal plan so we can eat out more, be more diligent about bottled water, set aside airport money beforehand, take cards, go with another couple, bring pepto, more cash, more cigs, and a small purse to take out.

Jamaica, you were very good to us. We'll remember your 5% rastafarian population, rum, crazy drivers, and jerk smell fondly.


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Day Four of 30th Birthday Trip: Wherein Day Three was Lost to the Rum Lords

Friday January 6

It'll going by so fast! Boohoo! I broke my promise to myself and spent the day hungover. But it was hungover in Jamaica....no worries, mon. No problem, mon.

Today was a lying-around day, which it would have been regardless. Last night I got drrrrrunk. Someone else's Mom (Stacy) had to put me to bed before I "went down," which is the term we've been using lately as we watch numerous people succumb to the strong-ass rum and go tumbling down on their arse. "Going down" is basically what you do here before actually getting to bed--oh yes, I've seen it. And oh yes, I almost did it.

So you see, I did not allow myself to have my first rum cocktail yesterday until 4 PM. And then I had rum and Diet Coke because the sugar in the rum punch was starting to make me feel ill.

We watched the gorgeous sunset here at Samsara, did I tell you they are a religious experience??

A couple got engaged right when it set. I was a little jealous, I must be honest with you, but Kevin told me "my time will come." I bet many of you thought we'd get engaged on this trip didn't you? Didn't you? Well, we won't be so stereotypical....

After the sunset, a reggae duo began playing at the bar and I began dancing.

Another woman, who I will call Nicole because for those of you who know my old friend Nicole you'll know what a lush she is....this woman was Nicole in 20 years, began dancing with me.

She was jerking all around and getting in the band's face and basically just bopping around like she had no sense. Drrrunk. Amanda and Stacy danced with me and Kevin too. The band sang Happy Birthday to me even though it was a day late...but I got my song. The drunker I became the more I wanted to sing with that band....Surprise! Surprise! (I never did.)

After a dinner that I barely remember eating, we played pool. I do not remember pool. I do not remember shooting at the red ball and forgetting all rules. I do not remember gyrating seductively with the pool stick. I do not remember Amanda falling on the floor laughing at me. I do not remember making us all hold hands in a circle and say a prayer to Jamaica. I do not remember Stacy helping me to our cottage and to bed.

OH LORD. I am embarrassed. I see Amanda....here they are. OK, they thought it was funny. Sigh of relief.

Aside from my shenanigans last night, drinking and lying around is not all we've been up to. We have been shopping.

That's what we did yesterday morning. We walked into Negril, got some Jamaican money at the bank, and spent it. It's funny how dealing in native money brings you that much closer to the culture! $60J is US $1. It makes no sense to have bills so high. $40 is like $2,500J--crazy. We went to a few shops, the grocery store, and the craft market. I bartered, of course, but didn't feel like I got great deals. Shit here is kind of pricey. After dealing with the pushy peeps and the hot sun, I was ready to collapse.

I am currently working up the courage to jump off the high cliff. I did the small one today. Kev is brave, of course, and just dives right off. We snorkeled today also, but my attempts were feeble as I was hungover with no strength to battle the water.

I am drinking a pina colada as I write this, sitting out on the veranda. If that's what this is.

The rum here is so strong! Did I say that already? We've almost been through 4 packs of cigs--can you believe it? I can't! We bought 2 thinking we wouldn't get through those. I am getting quite familiar with the CD selection here--they play CDs all day and night long....this bartender likes TLC's "Don't go chasing waterfalls....." and there are several other random choices that stray from reggae. ICK! Now it's Lionel Richie!

The Samsara is very fond of the thick black and white composition books--they write EVERYTHING down....no computers. On the dinner sign-in sheet each day our name is written as "MacDermoth". It's so endearing.

I'm just about done reading The Kite Runner. It's excellent. I finished the latest O Magazine, the one with Big O in braids...I wonder how she likes Jamaica.

Jamaica has such character.

It's so charmingly ragged and piece-meal, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I wouldn't want it to be too clean. Wait, did I just say that??!?

This is as fabulous as fabulous gets. I don't want our fake honeymoon to end!

K just rolled up in his stylin' new roadside stand shades....$500J, baby! He's looking mighty IRIE!

What else can you do in Jamaica?!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Day Two of 30th Birthday Trip: The Big 3-0 is Finally Here!

Wednesday January 4th

Today I am 30! 30! I feel like a spring chicken. A spring jerk chicken! I'm in Jamaica...it's wonderful!!! So chill. No need to rage. It doesn't even feel like my birthday....no birthdayish trappings....no cake, no songs, no balloons. Being here is wayyyy more than enough. It's the bestest birthday I ever had. I am going to do this every year. I deserve it after a lifetime of after-Xmas birthday jippage.

This morning we ate some breaky real quick then took the shuttle bus to Legends on the beach.

The beach is so tiny! We were all crowded just 2 chairs deep and so back to back. But it's the beach, what can I say. The people watching on the beach is great--I don't mind the vendors. We have a security guard who keeps them from pestering too hardcore. They sell everything....fruits, cigs, coco bread, big sprigs of aloe....one Rastamon gave us both palm frond woven rings....

They're our "promise rings." Sweet, huh!?

Some guys came along and jazzed things up with some sweet reggae harmony.....

I sipped pina coladas and rum punch all morning, all afternoon. We ate lunch, I forget what it was but it was tasty.

There are Germans everywhere! There are drunk people everywhere! This white trash mom went balistic on a ciggie vendor on the beach, then lost her kid. Didn't seem too concerned about it. Poor kid. Mom is a drunk. I might be a drunk here too but I wouldn't yell at my kids on vacay and then lose them.

We finally scored some herbage from our hotel security guard. Partook by the pool....man, strong! We are in Jamaica now, buddy! IRIE!!

The sugar in these drinks is killing me. The food has gotten better.

After returning from the beach we ummmmm....ya know, then went to the infamous Rick's Cafe.

I did it, I went and got taken by a Jamaican--(ha ha it rhymes!). $10 for a cab ride we could have walked. I know better now! Not again! I am seasoned and tough!

Rick's is where the dudes climb the trees and dive many many feet into the water....

I can't believe I thought I'd jump there. No way. Too many people watching....the joint was totally packed but a reggae band played and that's always good...the food was way overpriced. We paid $7 for 4 little jerk chicken strips. What a rip! So we went back to where the eatin's free....Samsara!

We met a girl tonight named Amanda and her Mom Stacy from MN. They're very neat. Makes me want to take a trip with my Mom! I love this place! It's got tons of young people so you feel like you can both PARTY and REST.

Kevin is watching football and I'm stuffed with rum not caring cause it's my birthday and I'm on vacation!!!!!!!! I've worked for this my whole life!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Day One of 30th Birthday Trip: Yeahmon!

While in Jamaica, I "blogged" on paper.

So, I bring to you the following, in exact form as I scrawled (usually drunkenly) on paper (though I did add in punctuation here for the sake of being a perfectionist, I must admit):

Tuesday January 3rd

I turn 30 tomorrow....woohoo! Last day being a twenty-something. We made it to Negril, yes we did. Here we are. Trip went smoothly...the airport is total chaos. Organized chaos. These people drive like friggin' MANIACS, on the left hand side no less. The ride here was extremely fast and bumpy and we drove right along the ocean the whole way, while mountains rose above us. It's very warm, very humid. You forget about the humidity after the dry of CO.

Bob Marley songs keep popping in my head. We drove through shanty towns to get here. I am blown away by the number of shacks here. They all sell beer. Someone could erect a cardboard box alongside the road and still sell Red Stripe out of it.

It's just like you would imagine. The poverty is somewhat charming. People just hanging out, everywhere.

It's so green here. Negril is beachy, though we're staying on the "West End," which has the cliffs--we're right on the cliffs but you can still climb down into the water--or jump. The West End feels more local and cultural. Lots of dives, shacks, shacks, and more shacks.

Our resort--the Samsara--is nice and rustic. Feels "boutiquey." Not at all like a Hilton or what have you.

We're in a little cabin room, which is modest, to say the least. Almost feels like camping. I don't think we'll spend much time in here. We have a porch and a bed and a shower and toilet--all we need.

The bar is just right on out in the open in the middle of it all.

Like a gathering place--it's where we get all our liquids. The beer on tap is yucky and Red Stripe in bottles is extra. Bummer. Also a bummer--bottled water is extra. So is wine. Although I need a break from vino. What do I do for our first meal but request white wine? Some habits never die. The RUM menu, however, is quite extensive. And FREE. And is so strong! I am in Jamaica, I need to solely consume rum. Rum punch is delicious. I'm gonna try them all!! My blood will turn to rum!

Straight-laced folk would feel uncomfortable here. The driver offered us ganja--we will buy some, not from him. I can smell it everywhere. Everyone in our hotel is young--that's a good sign. It's all loud and partying-like! People at the bar were dancing and this one guy from Minnesota kept saying "Yeahmon" over and over. I think the girl from American Pie is here, I swear. (ed note: Natasha Lyonne) She looks just like her.

Dinner was a little "country buffet," but OK. Potatoes, rice, grilled veggies, cold salad. Fried chicken--not jerk. Didn't eat any fried chix. The waitress had a nervous giggle and kept saying "alright" in her cute accent whenever we thanked her. So sweet. So far the staff seems so soft-spoken and gentle.

My tummy is fat and I am whitey-white. Here, I look so white. Other than that....I need more paper. More tomorrow, the BIG DAY!!

(Pictures will come soon, there are TONS to upload.)

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Pitstop on the way to paradise.

We're back!

Well, almost.

We're currently taking a brief 2-day "rest" in Colorado after.....
  • 26 hours on the road, 2800 miles on the odometer
  • one Christmas party with all Kevin's friends from home (Kevin's friend Chris is dating this girl. She was there.)
  • one Christmas Eve spent at Granny's house eating mostaciollis
  • one Christmas Morning spent at Patrick and Jen's house eating breakfast casserole and opening a pile 3 feet deep of gifts
  • one Christmas Afternoon spent at Grandma Mac's listening to Maker's Mark-induced stories about shooting dogs and electrocuting parakeets (Kevin's other side of the fam!), not to mention the white trash delight that is Heavenly Hash (that many marshmallows in one dish should be a crime!)
  • one Christmas Night dinner at Aunt Jan's with all foods fattening
  • one diet gone awry....ugghh.
  • one soggy day-after-Christmas hike
  • one road trip down to Louisville to spend the night with Sarah
  • one BIGGGG pussy cat
  • one sushi dinner
  • one day of feeling ick like I was getting a cold (got over it)
  • one night drinking wine with Tony and Dinkey in their backyard
  • one movie on DVD (War of the Worlds, it sucked)
  • one movie in the theater (The Family Stone, OK)
  • one trip to the Gap Clearance Center (5 pairs of pants for less than $50!!)
  • one delicious Thai meal with Jeff and Anne (they're preggers!)
  • one last dinner with the family
  • three naps
  • four babies
  • five dogs
  • twenty relatives
  • and the pictures to show you all of it.

Next up: Paradise!