Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hey, here's something awesome!

One of Kev's good friends from home's film, Padre Nuestro, won best U.S. Drama at the Sundance Film Festival last week.

You can click here to see Chris talking about his film.

....Umm, yeah, OK. So this is HUGE.

Congratulations Chris!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I went out on a school night.

You want to know what was even more awesome than The Be Good Tanyas last night?

(They were awesome. So very awesome.)

The fact that I WON TICKETS to The Be Good Tanyas last night. So we went....for free!


People, this girl wins everything! I swear.

The first band was Pee Pee, who...well, I like Pee Pee and all, but they just didn't put on a very coordinated show. I mean, who can really blame them for that....there's about 10 of them! But...still, they were OK. I WILL STILL STAND UP FOR PEE PEE! (Kev said he "knows people who would think they were just a bunch of noise." Hmmm.) And then the band after, Holly SomethingorOther, was not much more than BORING. And adding to the boring.....rows of chairs. Snnnnnnore. People just sat down the whole time. And also? People sat down and SNUGGLED. AT A CONCERT. So annoying, watching people nuzzle and neck to the music. I hate PDA. I also hate when a guy dances all up on the back of the girl and doesn't let her move around on her own....I mean, really - can't the guy dance by himself without having to cling to his woman?

Moving on...

I could have sat and listened to the Be Good Tanyas all night long...I just love their music. I had heard 2 of them were sick, so that affected me at first, thinking they were just hating life up there. But I got over it....and they were so great. I would have paid the $25 but.....I'm glad I didn't have to.

Also glad I didn't have to: work this morning. I have a wine headache, thanks to the happy hour special at My Brother's Bar. I order a house Cab and over comes 2 full-brimming glasses. And WHO AM I to turn that shit down?? I am prepping up to cram Biggie Purrs in his hateful crate and take him to the vet for more insulin and some tests. Also looking forward to my dentist appointment this evening. There will even be some work in there in between me and BP's version each of HELL. (I hate the dentist.)

It's shaping up to be a 2-star day, y'all. Bleckk. But The Be Good Tanyas! They rocked!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Knitting goods.

It is with great pleasure that I am now able to do this:

-Learn how to knit (finally!) and take a wine class

OK. Well, almost. Thanks to the ever-crafty and ever-generous AfricanKelli, I am closer than ever to fulfilling this resolution now that I have THE GOODS:

Isn't this cute? People, I don't know how this girl does it! Thanks, darlin'!!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Dying here.

Hi. It's Saturday morning and I am at work. I am training students. Well, I am hiding in my office while I am supposed to be training students. We had a drunken after-party at our house last night that involved a fire, a frozen pizza, and, I think, some tequila. Someone or something peed on the carpet. I didn't go to bed until 2:30 am. I woke at 7. I am tired. I can't find my cell phone. I have a dried out, flat morsel of ganja in my pocket that a man named Jose gave me at the bar. I might try it later. Or not. Maybe I'll make a cookie.

Just thought I'd share. Bye!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

How to Survive the Cold: Winter Edition.

The winter blahs are in full-force over here at rosalicious. It's kind of funny though...I'm eating my healthful salads & soups, getting my workouts in, doing things, making plans, staying busy...but still. BLAH. I am feeling wholly and unenthusiastically BLAH.

And....I'm cold! Wah!

(OK, I know today is like, a freaking balmy 55 degrees....)

Two summers ago I made a list of ways to survive the heat, back when it was really really fucking hot out. Oh Jesus and the Mary Chain (guess the inspiration!)....weren't THOSE the days?!

Anyway, my sanity is kind of at stake here and so, by way of cheering my cold little self up, I present to you....


Spend a lot of money on wine at Corks.

Drink what you buy. Drink it every night.

Cashmere, baby. An investment!

Hot springs.

And hot baths!

Use really scrumptious bubbles in those baths.

Use lots of lube.

In fact, attend a Passion Party. Or two!

Turn on your heated car seats. (I have these. They kick ass!)

Make chili. Preferably Cincinnati-style.

Wear Ugg boots without fear of looking like a fashion-follower. This is COLORADO, people. Uggs are acceptable here! Right?

Get a pedicure, even though no one will really see your feet. The hot water and foot massage....ummmmm.

Listen to Ray Charles.

Watch too much reality TV. Real World Denver and American Idol will fit the bill.

Go to bed at 8:30 PM without feeling like a loser.

Shop online.

Go bowling.

Make all your doctor and dentist appointments. Get any procedures done.

Eat at a really, really expensive restaurant.

Go to a Nuggets game. Especially if there is one where everyone is wearing all white - creepy!

Snowboard at least 5 times.

Snowshoe at least twice.

Cross-country ski. Maybe.

Keep your Christmas lights up until every last bit of snow melts. All the cool kids are doing it!

Sit around a fire. There's one in my backyard if you need one.

Buy an assortment of birthday cards so you'll have them on hand all year long.

Join the frequent flier program of every airline that flies through your town.

Plan a warm weather trip - like, Belize. Right baby?

Meet for happy hour at the dirtiest, diviest bar you can find.

Spring for a facial.

Shred your old bills, statements, pay stubs, etc. from last year.

Plot and plan how to spend that big fat tax refund.

Make a "cheer-up rosalicious" playlist on your new ipod with all your very favorite songs.

Avoid your blog. It's OH-KAY.

Go to your local mexican restaurant and only speak spanish.

Whine a lot and act like a baby.

Get hot and sweaty on the dance floor.

Give the birthday girl who was sick on her birthday extra-special treatment. I hear she really likes tequila and big fancy earrings.

Act like you don't care about Valentine's Day.

Make a gift to charity and warm thy heart!

Write everything in a cheery spring-colored ink, like pink! Weeeee!

Burn candles every evening.

Stay updated on your homeless sorority date.

Thank god you aren't homeless.

Clean out your closets.

See how long you can grow your leg hair before breaking down and shaving.

Sing karaoke.

Get drunk.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Service to thy memory.

I'm only making this post so I can link back to it on my sidebar...

Anyway, whatever. Like you care. Basically I want to keep a record of books I've read - starting NOW - since I just went to the library and cannot for the life of me remember what the hell I've read lately. Sooo....


The Memory Keeper's Daughter, Kim Edwards. (currently reading.) This book so far is, um, kind of cheesy and far-fetched. As if that stops me?

And hell, why not movies too?


Hustle and Flow
The Devil Wears Prada
The Producers (god, terrible!)
Strangers With Candy
Nacho Libre

What else can I list? Restaurants? Days I worked out? Times I got laid? Trips to Target? Hmmmmm....

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Yo. I promised.

Helllllooooo from sore-tailbone/whiplashed-neck central. Or, Kevin and I went snowboarding yesterday.

Somehow the camera never made it out of the car and onto the slopes with us, so all's we have to show from our day at Copper Mountain is this:

A picture from the parking lot. Exciting! I think Sara has some pictures of me hitting some sick kickers on her cell phone though...ha ha.

Doggie porn, you say? How about Most Well Behaved Dogs Ever?

Looking at this picture, you'd never know that just minutes earlier there was a big old tussle and hump session. Note the "pink princess pony" sitting so fairly in the middle. I can't believe that cheap old target dollar aisle toy has lasted this long!

No, mama. I'm not going to show all your internet people how much I like to hump Bear.

Why is it that men are so good at Breakfast?

Kev whipped us up an artichoke-feta cheese omelet with toast. And because I have him so incredibly well-trained, he is feverishly washing the skillet BEFORE we eat.

Baby, put the camera DOWN and come eat.

I think Biggie Purrs wishes HE had an omelet too.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to fucking bang my head against the wall. THIS COMPUTER SUCKS.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Phantom realizations that ipods really do kick ass, and that I should probably cut off this song now.

I feel like what I'm about to type is going to come off as stereotypical and pompous and bitchy and kind of mean and maybe a little drunk.

I freaking LOVE my ipod!

(Now, that's only to soften the blow...ha!)

It's always kind of annoyed me, the bloggers who write stuff like "my ipod began to play Harvest Moon by Neil Young and it reminded me of Bob, who used to take me out for Thai every Thursday..." and really, instead of me reading into it as, Oh Bob! An old memory! An old flame!, I see only: the fucking stereotypical Mac geek strolling down the street in an ironic artsy T-shirt with earbuds stuffed beneath side-swept messy hair and checkered Vans slipper kicks. WHO CARES ABOUT THE FUCKING IPOD? Cheesy.

Hey. Being honest.


Let me tell you a few things. A) I own shirts from Threadless too, and they kick ass. (Especially yours, Karen! And I'm kind of sad I'm not out with you guys, but we have to get up at the crack and I know myself, I have no cut-off sensor whatsoever, so home with wine it is!) B) Macs frustrate me to no end, but hell if they don't get the job done on some verrrry pretty ads for me and my program and C) I prefer side-swept messy hipster hair to a buzz cut ANYDAY.

(Ooops, Kev has a rather buzz-like cut. Sorry babe!)

And now, D) the big reveal: I freaking LOVE my ipod!

And...too bad I already said that.

I do. I am in love with all of it. I JUST bought my first song off itunes. In fact, I've bought 3 already and given that I'm on my ??th glass of wine, I wouldn't put another 5 or 6 past me. It is so addicting! Music has NEVER been so easy. I take back all my calling of ipod-reflecting bloggers cheeseballs.

People! I am eating my cheese!

So I bought the new Shins song: Phantom Limb. I think Kev is ready to strangle me because I've listened to it 20 times so far. Actually, he might not even notice as he is tearing the house apart looking for his ski goggles...anyway, I love this song! It might even make me go see The Shins on the 15th!

Now I am hearing "Eyes" by Rogue Wave, because alright? I heard it on a movie called Just Friends. I think Ryan Reynolds is HOT and Alanis is very lucky and I really did think that movie was incredibly cute. Amy Smart too. So I bought the song - that's what's so AWESOME about 99 cent songs, you don't have to buy the whole album and it's instant gratification!!!

All about instant gratification.

Any other recommendations of repeat-inducing songs?

One more bit of music news: The Be Good Tanyas, who are also one of my favorite bands EVER, play at Cervantes on the 29th. As far as I know, and I would know, this is the first time they've played anywhere I've lived....I am a HUGE HUGE fan. And guess who opens? PEE PEE! Y'all oughta know, I mean go.

Naughty girl.

Lucy has a friend over this weekend, a "friend" on whom she has an insatiable crush. I say insatiable because my girl is A TART. A full-on ho. A slut. A tease.

Mama's baby is one straight-up little horn dog.

Lucy simply cannot get enough of THE HUMP. Although her doggie boyfriend is 3 times bigger than she, somehow she still manages to get him laid out on his back, her crotch gyrating in his face. I am repulsed!

(But would it be bad to say I'm also a smidge proud? Go girl! Dominate!)

Anyway, last night Lucy didn't sleep a wink. Consequently, neither did I. I woke up the first time to scold Bear, who I thought was having separation anxiety or something because all I could hear was the TAP TAP CLICK CLICK of dog paws prancing around on the hardwood floors in our room. But no! Bear was asleep at Kevin's feet. It was LUCY who was maniacally pacing the room. She was so keyed up by Bear's presence (although clearly Bear could've cared less). It went on. And on. And on. And since we have no door on our room as it is of a loftish quality, there was no reprieve.

I am getting rather tired of being tired.

But hey, at least someone's getting some. Doggie porn, anyone?

(I only say that because I realize I haven't taken any pictures since NEW YEARS, which is so unlike me. I'll try to deliver this weekend. But yes, since non-stop HUMP is currently one of the key happenings in our casa, there may be some pictures of that. Just warning ya.)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bitchmoan. Oh, and baby news.

Yummy: This clementine I'm eating.

Yucky: The nasty soggy oatmeal bowls sitting back in the work kitchen sink. I wish people would freaking WASH their looks like someone vomited in there! *I* eat oatmeal here every morning too and I've never had the need to "soak" my bowl...sick.

I'm easily grossed out.

I'm also easily annoyed. Like today at the gym. To me, it isn't a real workout unless I'm pretty damn close to sore as hell the next day. Well, on Wednesdays I've started taking a class called "Boot Camp" and last Thursday, hell yes! I was so sore I could barely walk! However, I overheard some of the ladies bitching to the fitness coordinator after class about "how hard it was" and "there was too much running" and wah wah WAH. So this week? LAME. I barely broke a sweat today, thanks to the whiny bitch who doesn't seem to understand the class is called BOOT CAMP. The class is SUPPOSED to kick your ass.

Who am I, anyway, to talk about whiny bitches? I just had a pair of flipping UGG BOOTS delivered on my door step. And I wouldn't even HAVE to wear the Uggs if it weren't so effing icy and cold out!

(OK, kind of psyched about the Uggs. They are so warm and fuzzy. Am I a loser?)

So yeah, nothing is really going on in my life today.

Wait! The baby news!

Were you ever so tackily scrolling down to see if it was I cooking a bun in the oven? Course not. That would be too predictable. My friend J just had a sweet little baby boy and my friend A just learned she is expecting one...ummm, well 50% chance it's a boy. I have so many hot mama friends.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

In which we accept rides from perfect strangers.

Well, another Saturday night in D-town chewed me up and spit me out.

Lets's all roll our eyes and sigh the words together: rosalicious is hungover.

But fun was had! I started the evening slugging big old glasses of wine at Hot Doctor Wife's Passion Party. (If you go over there, you will see Hottie herself modeling a product....but don't get too's not a product actually being USED, sickos.)and finished it riding down Broadway in the back of some random dude's truck.

And the Gourds? Awesome. I danced my bodacious bootie off. Some guy on the dance floor even gave our friend Kev a prescription pill bottle of weed. How nice is that? It was super rocking, even though the Mayor didn't show this time. I was disappointed as I was really looking forward to drunkenly commending him for his performance with all the storms. Did y'all know that mayors get fired over snowstorms? I mean, really. It's not his fault my road is still a sucky mess of ice and potholes and ruttedness...for the most part. People need to cut the guy some slack.

But back to the random dude's truck. This is funny. On the way out of the concert we befriended a group of 5 ladies (for our friend Kev, of course!) and all piled into a cab trying to get to the Skylark Lounge. Well, for reasons I can't recall, we hopped out on some random corner and ended up at some bar called the Irish Rover instead. Our time there is hazy....but I do know that once we're done sucking down more liquor, we go outside to try to find another cab to get us all home. Along comes a guy with a truck who says he's starting a driving service, so the girls and I all pile into the back amongst a big schmoosh of blankets and Kevin (my Kev) gets in the front and gets the guy's phone number and even calls it, for security. He's so good like that! Apparently we get safely dropped off at Kev's in Wash Park and this morning we are still there, with me asking: why the hell were we cruising down Broadway late night in the back of a strange truck?

So yes, after our big night out, it has been a day of headache and woe-is-me. But at least I'm still laughing! I woke from my 2 hour nap to Kevin rooting around in my bag for "the Bullets",the purchase I made last night. What do you want those for, they're not in yet! I said. And Kev goes, and I quote: I want to cram one up my butt while I watch football today. I just thought that was one of the most hilariously potty-humored thing I've heard from him in a long long time. (Sorry though, Ma, for that image.)

And now? I do believe there is a big old greasy pizza at our door....toodles!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Cheater McGeater.

A quick note about resolutions:

I know. My list of resolutions is freakishly long. If I were the kind of person, who, say, sends herself into fits of depressed rage come the end of December for not getting each and every goddamn thing crossed off the year's resolution list, well...then I'd probably do best to limit my resolutions to a good one or two. The thing is....I LIKE having a lot of resolutions. I look at my list as a kind of road map for the year. I don't have to take every know, big fucking deal if I don't make that left turn down "take a hut trip" lane. The turn was there, I considered it, but for whatever reason it didn't happen, so what. In my eyes, I didn't fail....I just took a different way. I think making 10 gazillion resolutions is better than making none at all just because you're scared of failure.

/small, kinda preachy rant.

Now. That's not really where I wanted to go with all that, it just clearly had been stewing. I really wanted to come over here and say NANNY NANNY BOO BOO...I've already fulfilled a resolution! Look at me! Look how motivated and.....resolute I am! Look, look, have a look, WOULD YOU??

- Learn how to knit (finally!) and take a wine class.

Yep. I just enrolled us in a wine class called "Wines of the Southern Hemisphere." I am psyched! This class is all about the wines of South America, Autralia, and South Africa. I love me some serious Malbec! Yuuummmm, can't wait!

But, can I make just a tiny little confession?

Do you ever make a to-do list and then write something on it that's already been done just so you can go ahead and cross it off right away?

Yeah? Me too. I just did that.

Kevin gave me a gift certificate to The Cook Street School of Fine Cooking for my birthday, so I basically already knew the wine class was a shoe-in. I know, I'm such a cheater.....but I hope you'll admire my, ahem, RESOLVE just the same.

Happy Friday! Stay warm y'all!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mugging 'dem be so easy.

Let me just share with you a "comment" that was written by a student on an application for a fundraising job in our office:

i be like taking cash money for da school whenever, be like mugging 'dem be so easay. School profit RISE! Plus I be havin' a good GPA, and you know I be like 'da man since i got ya for CSM 101 last semester that class was da bomb!

Dude, you be hired!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Another rosalicious endorsement.

One of my favorite bands EVER is playing Saturday night at the Gothic: The Gourds!

I....LOVE...THEM. Madly. They are awesome.

Also, an old Fort Collins fave, Drag The River, is opening.

It's going to be so damn good, I'm even going to brave the cold arctic wind and snow to get there.

(Plus, hopefully I'll already be warm and buzzed from a certain sex toy party that's happening that afternoon...)

If you go, you might just get to meet Hick, too!


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Mine still hasn't been posted...

Does anyone else love PostSecret as much as I do?

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Look, I've done gone and made some resolutions!

Well. Hi. I am a little embarrassed at the patheticness of the last 2 posts....but fear not, rosalish is back. Thanks for all the birthday wishes and whatnot, both to my blogger buds who commented and to others of you who emailed or called or just sent a good b-day vibe my way.....XOXOX.

We finally got around to celebrating yesterday. Serious insomnia notwithstanding (another sad sad story for another sad sad day), Kevin and I went SHOPPING. TOGETHER. WITHOUT ANY MELTDOWNS. We both hate shopping, but yesterday was actually kinda fun. We shared dressing rooms("Baby, those chinos are TAPERED." "Wow, the butt is awfully snug.") and offered pearls of wisdom ("Rose, that rug is not going to fit in the office." "Yes it is!" "No it's not!"). I think we've entered a new era, y'all. One that's called: Kev and Rose are no longer starving students and YAY, let's go out and blow money on things we probably don't really need.

(Whatever, we needed that rug - sorry, but I finally hit my limit on the number of pet pee, poo, and barf stains...I mean, seriously.)

So, one rug, a pair of awesome green cords, some sweaters, and a pair of shoes later, I hit my limit on the shopping too so we headed over to the Cherry Cricket for some lunchtime provisions. Being sick really does a number on the old tolerance so I was cut off at ONE. Ha! Beer, that is. Judging from the size 8 cords I had to purchase, I am cut off from CHEESE FRIES too. Lord.

For dinner we went to Vesta Dipping Grill. Vesta was kind of an on-the-fly choice, we made a reservation while having a glass of wine at Paris Wine Bar. (Don't you love all the restaurant linky action?) But I'm so glad we went. Awhile back, an old friend had said it wasn't all that it was cracked up to be, and so I always thought Vesta was just another overhyped Lodo hotspot. But it really was awesome! YUM. A friend of mine who I hadn't seen in months works there, so it was great to see her too. Which makes me realize that I need to put a little more effort into maintaining relationships, which leads me to...

Shit to do in 2007! Yep, new leaves, overturned stones, bygones and all that crap. So, here we go...things to focus on now that I've been officially released from the grips of Birthday Cold Hell:

- Be a better remembering birthdays (OK, I admit: I'm already really good at remembering birthdays), returning calls, making plans, having more girls' nights out. I feel a little like my life is lacking in day-to-day girlfriendship. I have awesome best girls and many great friends, but there are friends that I've let fall by the wayside, and I hate that. I know it's not possible to maintain friendships with everyone, nor is everyone even worth it. I lost a few friends this past year, some of who just weren't positive relationships for me anyway. I guess my point is that I want to nurture and strengthen the terrific friendships I already have and meet more inspiring, artistic, thinking, strong, unique women.

- Alright. Men friends are OK too ;)

- Be a better lover and partner. I told Kev that this year I want to make our relationship the best it can possibly be: more sex, more fun, more adventure, more communication and a deeper connection on all levels. We're really doing better than ever, so this shouldn't be hard. But there's always room, you know!

- Save Money. Heh. The New year's Cliche!

- Oh wait, that's Lose Weight. I really don't want to lose weight so much as get in even better shape and eat more wisely and healthfully. There are always areas for improvement on these fronts, but for the most part (and thanks to last year's resolutions) I've been doing A-OK. (Albeit the holiday pudge.)

- Stop letting Lucy sleep in our bed. I think her sneaky little squeeze-up-in- between-us-in-the-middle-of-the-night routine is wreaking havoc on my ZZZZs. Plus, Cesar would totally kick our ass if he knew we let her get all alpha on us like that. The girl has a perfectly good 6 foot super LoveSac to sleep on, so from now on: our little princess is banished from the big old bed of sin!

- Keep in better touch with family. It's so hard to keep tabs (yet so easy to let time pass) when you live 2,000 miles apart. I need to try harder, especially with grandparents.

- Feed thy brain. Read more stimulating books, attend plays, discover new media, la dee daa. I keep telling myself I need to revisit the classics, it's just that beach reads are just so.....luscious. But they do absolutely nothing for my intellectual growth. I need challenge.

- Get outside my box. Break routine, live life, stay busy. Try new things without fear...OK, with fear, but fear that gets overcome with a little effort on my part.

- Learn how to knit (finally!) and take a wine class.

- Be more generous. Give to others. Volunteer with at least one organization.

- Take a hut trip.

- Look more pulled together. It's hard when you're someone who hates shopping, but I seriously need to build a wardrobe that makes me feel good about myself, rather than one that makes me run for the nearest pair of elastic-waisted jammie pants. This means investing in some high quality, classic, well-fitting garments. New undies and bras...yeah, need those too!

- Make those much-needed doctor's appointments...dermatologist, head doctor, podiatrist (fucking plantar wart - it will be the death of you this year!), acupuncturist. Biggie Purrs is in need of an (expensive as hell) appointment too!

- Pay off credit card. balance isn't all that much. Still. Financial discipline is something that constantly needs to be kept in check. Dawg.

- Tackle something that's going to be really hard. Can't tell you what, just know that it's going to suck.

- Have a baby. (Just checking to see if you're still reading! Ha ha.)

- Have more baby-making, sans actual baby.

- Practice yoga more often.

- Find good art for the walls.

- Run 3 times a week. Ponder something longer than a 10K.

- On that note, simply ponder more. Silence is good. Less TV.


- Be nicer. Don't talk so much shit. Don't be such a gossip. These sound trite, as they're all starting to sound by now, but I do really mean these in a big way. I sometimes feel like such a rotten person, all negative and low self-esteemed. I want to emanate good energy and be less judgmental and more accepting. Everyone, even the most fucked-up, mean, snobbish people, offers something to learn from. Plus, people are inherently good, I'd like to believe.

- Fewer hangovers. More control over drinking maybe is more like it. The anxiety I feel after a bender is crushing. See above: I've been known to run my mouth like a big ol' beotch. I hate the not remembering and the wondering and the imagining of all the evil things that slipped from betwixt my wine-stained lips...

- Know that I am not defined by my past and start living that way.

- Stop worrying what the hell everyone thinks all the time! Stop being so anxious and stop the constant worry of someone not liking me! Already I'm all twitchy and nervous about posting all these personal promises to myself for all the 'nets to see. I want to live more feely and openly (excepting the practicality of job security, of course), with less of the constant freak-out over baring my soul. If you could even call this baring...whatever. Anyway, point being: IT IS OK IF PEOPLE DON'T LIKE ME.

- Finally, because I can't think of another goddamn thing I could possibly improve myself on, it's time to consult the expert:

"Baby! What is one last thing I need to resolute?"

(Waiting for something really insightful and exciting that will make a really witty ending)

"Fix your sleeping issues!"

Alrighty then. A sleeping pill addiction for 2007 it is! Night-night ;)

Friday, January 05, 2007

Over it.

It is snowing.
I am sick.
Kevin is sick.
Yesterday was the first day of my 31st year.
And I was sick.


Dude, I am so ready to feel NORMAL again. I know, cry me a goddamn river but JESUS! I am so sick of snow and ice and cold and wind and snot and aches and pains and fever and being indoors. Anyone with me, or am I just being a big fat crybaby?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Today I have something I haven't had in over 3 years:


UGGGGGHHHHHH. I hate being sick. It's really quite easy to see how it happened though- lack of sleep, drinking, travel, etc. A bonafide post-holiday immune system meltdown, is what this is. HATE.

The worst part, as I lie here on my couch in the gloom of a yucky Colorado winter day, is that last year today I was here.

Ummmhmmm, I know.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Out with the old, in with the new.

Since Kevin is taking down our crispier-than-thou dead Christmas tree, I figured I may as well do my own purge of the holidays and be done with it, so here you go. Holiday Picture Purge!

On Christmas Eve the family got all horsey. This guy was such a sweetie - he followed us around like a dog.

This is my cutie pie sister Sophie and my mama.

This is one of my BBFs from way back when, Patsy!

On "the lawn" @UVa.

Another BBF from even MORE way back when, Jess!

More horse, more sisterly love :)

TJ. And the Rotunda. So classic Charlottesville.

New Year's @ the Moosejaw.

Making noise.

More pictures, naturally, can be found here and here.

There. Done. Bye-bye holidays, hello 2007!

In recovery.

I've been avoiding the blog for the last few days because I haven't had the urge or the energy to come up with some insightful post of reflections on the past year and what I hope for the new year ahead.

(Hell, I haven't had the urge to write anything insightful for weeks now.)

I'm tired. Really super effing tired. Despite all the snow days we had off work, this holiday season kicked my ass and kicked it harder than usual.

There are some things that I eventually want to pontifcate on, a mental list that I'm checking and checking twice of ways I can improve my life and make it better in the upcoming year, some pictures to share with you.....but for right now, all I want to do is rehydrate and sleep.

Definite resolution for 2007: fewer hangovers.